1994 cadillac sts races 1996 mustang gt

1994 Cadillac sts 4.9L v8 racing a 1996 gt Mustang 4.6L

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Cadillac STS with corsa exhaust
My old STS with a corsa Catback

Cadillac sts vs Mazda rx-8
Watch in high quality. Just me and my friends in Compton screwing around seeing what are cars can do. My sts has 134k miles on it and still runnin hard!

1994 Cadillac STS walk around
old video I found on my camera, enjoy guys

1994 mustang gt 5.0L vs 1996 mustang gt 4.6L 30mph roll
1994 5.0L Mustang racing a 1996 Mustang 4.6L from a 30mph roll