1972 Karman ghia baja sand rail

1972 Karman ghia baja, Chrome molly tube chssis, subaru multiport 150hp 2.2l engine, stage III kenedy engineering racing clutch, bus tranny, extended tube trailing arms, extended front beam (adjustable), 10 inches travel rear, 12-14 inches front, fiberglass front hood (very light car, about 2000lbs, Douglas 2 piece racing rims, 914 porsche disk brakes rear, drums front, beard racing seats, autopower 5 point racing harness cam lock type, and the list goes on and on

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The Baja Ghia
This is my Baja Ghia up close. Plus some donuts

VW Street Legal Sand Rail Rippin' Pavement!
Street legal VW Sand Rail. Out in the boonies havin' fun in the sun.

1977 Baja Kombi on the dyno II - The Suby EG33 Engine
This is a second video of Andrew's kombi. It shows the difference between last years run with the Stock 2L VW motor, and the new (in progress) Subaru EG33 (3.3L flat 6) engine. It made 168.8HP at the wheels (which matched the factory 240HP at the flywheel using a gearbox efficiency of 70% - accounting for Kombi gearbox, offroad CV angles, etc).

Nick Reviews the Subaru Baja From Hell
Nick, of MindOverMotor.com, gets behind the wheel of the Subaru Baja From Hell. It is an awesome example of what a high performance modified Subaru should be like, and in the form of a Baja 'Ute of all things. This is something different, and that's good!