Lamborghini Polizia di Stato

La Lamborghini 500 hp della Polizia di Stato

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Ferrari 458 & Lamborghini Aventador RACING (Revs, Accelerations)
A Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Aventador head to some deserted streets in Saudi Arabia to play. Video includes revs, accelerations & rolling shots. Join my facebook page for exclusive photos & news!

Sexy Kayla goes 180MPH in a 1600hp Lambo
Kaylas first time in a Lamborghini and it just so happens to be one of the fastest street driven Lambos in the world, a Twin turbo 1550+hp Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo! Watch her reaction, it's great! Check out Part 2, coming soon for the $100 game! Kaylas Twitter & Instagram: @whosekayla

Birthday Surprise in a Lamborghini
(NOTE-This teen did not GET this car for his birthday, nor did he get to drive it. Please read the story before you submit a comment.) Don't forget! My sons YouTube channel is lamborghiniguy14 linked in the video an rite here! Go check out his channel for more car packed and guitar packed videos! On vacation in Florida, this car-fanatic teen finds a surprise (his girlfriend) in a Lamborghini Aventador on his 18th birthday. Mom and Dad flew her in from NC. The amazing staff at Lamborghini Palm Beach put her in the passenger seat for him to find, then gave him a spirited 20-minute ride. TO CLARIFY: He did not GET a Lamborghini Aventador for his birthday, nor did he even remotely THINK he would get one. (He knows better.) He was thrilled to just get to sit in one (though they did surprise him with a ride afterward), and even more thrilled when he realized he wasn't alone. Read the full story on Jalopnik here:

Lamborghini Egoista running & revving
Lamborghini Egoista at the 5th Schloss Bensberg Classics. It is definitely not the best or most interesting video, but when the Lamborghini Egoista was started and driven of its place at the Schloss Bensberg Classics I couldn't resist to take a video. Before this they took about two hours to build the "ramp". That it would take them about 4 minutes to drive the car backwards to the lorry wasn't foreseen when I started filming. I want to say sorry for the partly poor quality of this video, it was the very first one shot with my DSLR. If you are waiting for the Egoista revving jump straight to 04:00 BIG THANKS FOR MORE THAN 500,000 VIEWS! Lamborghini Egoista bei den 5. Schloss Bensberg Classics. Es ist mit Sicherheit nicht das beste oder spannendste Video, aber als beim Abbau der Schloss Bensberg Classics der Lamborghini Egoista tatsächlich gestartet und aus eigener Kraft zum LKW gefahren wurde, konnte ich nicht widerstehen und habe das "Schauspiel" aufgenommen. Vorausgegangen waren annähernd zwei Stunden Aufbau für die "Rampe". Dass das Herunterfahren dann so lange dauern würde, war nicht absehbar. Die Videoqualität bitte ich zu entschuldigen, es war mein allererstes Video mit der DSLR. Wer auf das Hochdrehen des Motors wartet, sollte direkt zu 04:00 springen. EIN GROßES DANKE AN DIE MEHR ALS 500.000 BESUCHER!