ZX-14@MIR, Rickey Grayson

6-4-10, Jason Miller Seminar.

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t ray lee vs ricky grayson
grudge race underground 3-19-11

Rickey Grayson, GSXR 1000@MIR #1
Jason Miller Seminar

Poor Boy Racing: Grudge Fest 2 at The Rock
Over 250 grudge bikes showed up at one of the biggest grudge fests in the history of Rockingham, NC. Grudge Fest sponsored by Poor Boy Racing out of Alabama. The return of Gloria "Wonder Woman" Mitchell. Mr. 1G vs. The Haterade. Many big money runs, girls in bikinis, custom air brush bikes and music by Done Deal (You Got It All Wrong).

Kawasaki ZZR1400 topspeed run @ Autobahn part 4
Motor Magazine Try Before You Die, topspeed run, 300 km/h, 300 kilometer per uur, Kawasaki ZZR1400, Driver: Eddie de Vries - MOTO73 - MOTOR Magazine.