Real Drivers: Honda Civic Hatchback (B20-powered)

See more at . Most modified vehicles undergo numerous changes over their lives, and the longer a vehicle is owned, the more pronounced those alterations become. Ian Wright's 1995 Honda Civic CX, for example, has been powered by four different engines over its life so far, each for a different reason, from the stock, 90-horsepower engine to a built GSR motor running aviation fuel, and now back to a JDM B20B powerplant. Likewise, the body has accumulated a number of genuine carbon fiber pieces, either custom-made like the fuel door or bespoke like the Viper ACR dive planes. Among the purists on certain automotive forums, my announcement of this film caused controversy over the worthiness of a Civic to be the subject of a film. But I maintain, as I have before, that a real car guy (or girl) should not brush aside the joy that can be achieved with a more mundane vehicle. The way a car drives, sounds, looks, and feels varies enormously, and while others brush aside the humble Civic, many are fun, reliable, and grin-inducing vehicles that prove you don't need RWD and big power to have a good time. Music in this piece is "High Hopes" by Zero-Project, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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