A8R5 @ Våler Race Track

A8R5 @ Våler. 05.06.2011. I could only drive full out on the strait aways as the A8 sits on 20", so taking corners at higher speeds will destroy the tires in no time. Racing stock, bpu++ and highly modified VW and Audis on the strait aways at Våler Race track.

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Audi A4 S2000 Rudskogen Jonus Racing
Audi A4 S2000 Rudskogen 23.09.2012 Owner: Jonus Racing, Driver: Jonus Racing

Broom 2x Audi R8 test on racetrack: Jonus Racing R8
Red r8 is Stock, blue Audi r8 is rwd and have full racesuspension, lightened 200kg and doing about 10sec faster on each lap on rudskogen with stoch engine on both. Built by www.jonus-racing.no. in Norway.

Audi S2 2010 - Dutter-Racing

.Jonus racing audi a4. New gear ratio test on full slicks in rain :( Rudskogen 04-10-12