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13° Rally Ronde Colli del Monferrato - Intro

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the BEST OF 2010
Rally in Northern Italy : Le migliori immagini dei rally piemontesi e non...della passata stagione , tra tanto spettacolo e qualche situazione curiosa....

Crash - Rider Launched Over Guardrail - 2/19/2012
Rider gets thrown over guardrail but was not injured. The CHP arrived to assist rider. No citation. Mulholland Highway in Los Angeles has been a popular location for motorcycles & fast cars for decades. Car and motorcycle clubs are regular visitors every weekend. Jay Leno can often be found at the famous Rockstore and at a view point called Lookout talking with fellow motor enthusiasts. Crashes are common as well as a heavy police presence on most weekends. The Snake is a two mile section of Mulholland above the Rockstore. Riders usually will make multiple runs allowing me to move from corner to corner when assembling rider videos. The speed limit is 45 mph, most riders are not going much over that so the majority of tickets are crossing the line, wheelies or equipment violations. Bicycles are up here all the time but motorcycles and bikes seem to do fine together as long as the cyclists are willing to stay to the right. Cars passing them are a bigger problem since there is no shoulder and most turns are blind. I mainly shoot on the last corner coming up because I can see much of the road and photogs are expected. The turn gets it's fair share of crashes but people crash other places also just no one is filming. The top corner I shoot seem to average one crash every couple weeks in the summer, out of many hundreds of riders. 911 emergency services are rarely called and accidents are seldom reported since most riders do not get injured severely. Google Street View - http://goo.gl/wsMi

Lancia Stratos in Testacoda al rally della riviera ligure 2011

Le Tourist Trophy, les jeux du cirque ? ( video contenu officiel moto journal )
Le Tourist Trophy, pinacle du sport moto, capitale de la course sur route , the only place for Heroes, comme ils disent là-bas (le seul circuit pour les vrais héros). Rossi, et Lorenzo, les dieux du MotoGP, reconnaissent eux-mêmes qu'ici, sur cette route fermée longue de 60 km, avalée à + de 210 km/h de moyenne entre maisons, arbres et champs, personne ne triche ! Pourtant, le TT, c'est plus de 200 morts depuis sa création voilà 103 ans. Alors, le TT : grande boucherie organisée ou ultime espace de liberté pour les chevaliers des temps modernes ? La réponse revient aux spectateurs et aux pilotes bien sûr !

la massima espressione di auto da rally, un missile terra-aria, unica, inbattibile, inarrivabile...quando il rally PARLAVA ITALIANO. anche se piu volte mi han proposto soldi per aggiungere canzoni al video, io rifiuto, perchè non ce musica migliore di questa! if many times someone proposed me to have money in change to add music here, i refused, because thers'nt a greates sond like that engine!

Rally Colli Del Monferrato 2012 - Incidenti Inclusi - Crash Included
Rally Colli Del Monferrato 2012 P.s. 1 Incidenti inclusi !!! Crash Included !!!

34° Rally Ciocco - 2011 (Prova spettacolo) NOI TV - IL CIOCCO
Sintesi delle P.S. 7-13 Noi TV e P.S. 10 Il ciocco (prova spettacolo). Tutti i maggiori protagonisti della prima gara del CIR, Andreucci, Rossetti, Chentre, Cunico, Perego su Mini Cooper.

Rally Ronde Andora 2011 GESTO SPORTIVISSIMO!! Scriva-Micheletti si fermano per Robert Kubica
Sportivissimi Giuseppe Scriva - Silvia Micheletti su Fiat Punto S2000 si fermano immediatamente sul luogo dell'incidente dello sfortunato Robert Kubica e rimangono sul posto per quasi un'ora insieme all'equipaggio e ai soccorritori.. DAVVERO COMPLIMENTI! Cameracar by Lucavideo Servizio Cameracar

18° Italian Baja 2011 jumps and show

Incidente Caranna (14), I Ronde Gioiosa Marea
L'incidente di Ettore Caranna durante il I Ronde di Gioiosa Marea...

Renault Clio Williams 2.0 16v with maxi bodykit on Dyno
Renault Clio Williams 2.0 16v with maxi bodykit on Dyno

Camera Car (Moreno-Bonato) GRAVE INCIDENTE Rally Andora pilota F1 Kubika
https://www.facebook.com/www.cameracar.org Rally Camera Car - GRAVE INCIDENTE d'auto - Rally Andora (Moreno-Bonato) Primi Soccorsi Gravissimo Incidente Pilota Formula 1 Robert kubika

Camera Car 13° Ronde Monferrato 2011 - Uzzeni/Fappani
Franco Uzzeni - Danilo Fappani su Subaru Impreza Wrc

13° Rally Ronde Colli del Monferrato
Cronaca di Gara , Sintesi "Classe per Classe" e Passaggi Video PS1

Crash Trento Bondone 2011
il tennista sbaglia il rovescio e fa il dritto :D

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