Trirota Hotel Rikscha - SeeHotel - Pedicab - Rickshaw

Video footage of the new electric rikshaw concept for recreaction tools for hotels! Monthly rental offers. Leasing contracts. Best prices. We produce and retail... please visit for more information.

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Trirota Electric - Rikscha -Pedicab - Rickshaw by
VeloCruiser e-drive & reverse E-Dreirad E-Pedelec Euro Car Design VeloScout & For more information please visit

Pedicab operator slams proposed city ordinance
The Tribune takes a ride with downtown pedicab operator T.C.O'Rourke, who criticizes a proposed city ordinance which would restrict drivers on some Loop streets

Bicitaxis Cali Ecotrixi
Prototipo de primer bicitaxi hecho en Cali Colombia

Trirota VeloCruiser VeloTaxi-Pedicab-World in Dresden - Rickshaw
Offizielle Vorstellung des Trirota VeloCruiser in Dresden! Get more info´s on & Advertising on the move!