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Video footage of the new electric rikshaw concept for recreaction tools for hotels! Monthly rental offers. Leasing contracts. Best prices. We produce and retail... please visit for more information.

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Trirota VeloCruiser VeloTaxi-Pedicab-World in Dresden - Rickshaw
Offizielle Vorstellung des Trirota VeloCruiser in Dresden! Get more info´s on & Advertising on the move!

Pedicab with brushless motor and NuVinci stepless transmision
A tour around a Pedapod Pedicab with all new electric and pedal drive systems, then we take it for a run. We rebuilt a pedicab to take a brushless motor which we built in to the front wheel. Also the existing dérailleur was prone to failure so on my suggestion, it was replaced with a 'NuVinci' CVT (continuously variable transmission) giving an unlimited range of ratios. The existing equipment was OK in flatter areas, but under the hot and hilly conditions these particular vehicles have to work, both the motor and pedal drive both proved inadequate - the usual Australian problem of stuff that works fine in Europe but just not being strong enough to cope in Australia, so as an engineer with long experience in electrical engineering, I volunteered to help build an 'Australia proof pedicab' as a hobby project. Alas holding the camera, turning the twist grip shifter and holding the camera took rather more hands then I had available so alas the quality could have been better, but never mind, it gives the general idea. This particular vehicle was an engineering knock up, the road going vehicles will be tidied up and will have new wiring looms. My main involvement was to redesign all the electronics, this transmission upgrade was an extra.

Mit perpedalo Rikschas durch Köln (ZDF)

pedicab rickshaw customer show
rickshaw often used as a tourist attraction of transport, or to be used as advertising publicity vehicles, as well as to be used as a wedding car, rickshaw beloved in many countries. These are buyers show our customers, they are also very high heart trust us, and we expect the next cooperation.