Incredible emergency landing

A small plane did a emergency landing with only one wheell!!

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Pilot Performs Miracle Emergency Belly-Flop Landing
A Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanker has made a successful emergency landing at the Miden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada. The plane's left side landing gear will would not extend. The plane was not fighting the local fires and was arriving from out of the area. Crews on the scene tell News 4 the plane made a "successful" landing on it's belly.

Landing with a Slip...
Once again this is my dad Bob Norton flying for non profit Adventist Medical Aviation or AMA for short. This is just 1 of many video's he has of his flying in the jungles of Venezuela. This video is of him landing in a village named Frijol. He has to come down against the Mt and slip all the way down so he can land at the end of the runway in order to have the use of the whole short runway. There is one of him taking off from the same place. Check out all the video's i have of him and more to come. If you want more info just go to or email

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