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Incredible emergency landing

A small plane did a emergency landing with only one wheell!!


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Dangerous Crosswind Landings during a Storm at Düsseldorf - Multiple Aborted Landings
Finally I was able to film another Crosswind video at Düsseldorf. Almost two years after I made the last crosswind video the wind conditions were perfect for lots of crosswind action again. Check out the amazing skills of the pilots. Some of them realy had a hard time trying to land during these stormy conditions. We had wind speeds up to 55kts. I spend 7 hours at the airport and I was able to see 15 go arounds. Not all of them are shown in this video cause most of them already made a go around far before reaching the runway. Featured planes: Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Fokker 100, CRJ-900 and more. Contact me via E-Mail: cargospotter@gmail.com

Crazy Boeing 737 Crash Landing
http://www.aviationvids.com Incident is a Boeing 737 landing at Birmingham, UK with the right landing gear missing, after tearing off the starboard gear when attempting to land at East Midlands Airport in bad weather. The pilot missed the runway and landed in the grass, doing extensive damage to the aircraft. He was able to fly some 40 miles to Birmingham, where the incident was caught on video by the West Midlands Police helicopter.

Emergency Landing Gatwick Airport, Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 G-VROM "Barbarella"
Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 comes into land at Gatwick airport, with the wing undercarriage stuck up and a hydraulic fault. Latest Gossip. 1: The aircraft suffered a number 4 hydraulic system failure. 2: The pilot is called Dave William 3: The daughter of the pilot was onboard. 4: Pilot bounced the aircraft to drop the undercarriage. 5: The WLG door snagged on one of the undercarriage wheels. 6: Nine Tyre safety fuses blew on landing. 7: The passengers weren't allowed to use the toilets for 3hrs, while the pilot carried out maneuvers to dislodge the undercarriage.

Kamov-26 helicopter - smoky and flamy cold start.
Some infos... ...about the helicopter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamov_Ka-26 ...about the engines: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vedeneyev_M14P More videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/kelly2006kamov/videos And photos: http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=HA-MRN&sort_order=vi ews

Emergency Landing During Flight To Niagara Falls - Pilot Peter Besenyei
Besenyei was required to make an emergency landing near St Thomas Airport in Ontario during a photo shoot and the damage could not be repaired in time for the Windsor race. Thanks to his skilled piloting, the Hungarian pilot, who got a season-high fourth place in San Diego, walked away with only a few bruises and was not otherwise injured. I was doing a flight with Nigel to take some pictures and during the final run I had a technical problem, Besenyei said. I lost oil pressure, which in the end caused the engine to fail, and I had to make a forced landing outside the field. The plane is damaged but I can repair it. The most important thing is that there was no injury. Im 100 percent okay and thats the most important thing. Besenyei will join the championship again at the next race which takes place in Budapest, Hungary. Here's a great article about the emergency landing written by Red Bull Air Race pilot Nigel Lamb: http://tinyurl.com/kk3kwj More videos featuring the race in Windsor Ontario on http://www.redbullairrace.com

Cessna lands on highway Interstate 95
This is a news report of a recent emergency landing (and take-off, after repairs) of a Cessna on the Interstate 95 stretch not far from me. Great video of the aircraft taking off, right at the DOT camera! That's not often seen, so it's here for your viewing enjoyment. As usual, the local news has enough inaccuracies to make this somewhat amusing. Earlier reports stated that an Essna aircraft had to take off from the highway, then it noted that the small aircraft's engines were running at full power to make the take off. A "mere 600 yards" available for taking off! The Cessna could make three take-offs with that much length, but clearly the reporter is not a pilot. This report shows the "malfunctioned fuel cylinder" briefly, which I always thought was an engine cylinder. The DOT worker adds a bit of local entertainment, certainly, "By golly, I'll tell you what!"

In board of a cessna 172 on april 25, we had an engine failure over the highway 10 in Quebec, Canada We Had to make an emergency landing on an highway with Trafic Problem : no more power on the engine ( You can hear the engine having trouble. À Bord d'un cessna 172 le 25 avril, nous avons eu une panne moteur au dessu de l'autoroute 10 au Quebec, Canada Nous avons dû faire un atterrissage d'urgence sur l'autoroute avec du trafic. Le problème : plus de puissance au moteur ( vous pouvez entendre le moteur qui a des problèmes.

Engine Failure at final to Land
My Friend JCS forgot about mixture full rich before Base leg... And I was taking a video, operating a photo-cam first time, didn't see anything. But the glide was guaranteed.

Perfect Cessna 210 Emergency Landing - MUST WATCH!!!
A 1960 Cessna 210 Centurion (N6575X) had to make an emergency landing without its main landing gear extended. The pilot did a great job landing with the nose wheel locked down. The aircraft suffered only minimal damage.

Landing with a Slip...
Once again this is my dad Bob Norton flying for non profit Adventist Medical Aviation or AMA for short. This is just 1 of many video's he has of his flying in the jungles of Venezuela. This video is of him landing in a village named Frijol. He has to come down against the Mt and slip all the way down so he can land at the end of the runway in order to have the use of the whole short runway. There is one of him taking off from the same place. Check out all the video's i have of him and more to come. If you want more info just go to www.medicalaviation.org/venezuela or email nextbnn@yahoo.com

Army Beechcraft King air crash landing gear failure Reno
This US Army guard beechcraft king air C-90 (everybody calls it a king air 200) had two green lights on the gear , thats cool if you are a tail dragger but being a tricycle landing gear aircraft, its bad. The nose gear would not lock in to the down position. So the fire crews were alerted, the pilot circled for about 1/2 hour to burn off fuel & let the fire crews & the cameras get in to position. I shot this from the national weather service observation platform at the Reno Cannon International Airport. The airport is at about 4900 feet in altitude so the airplanes travel a little faster while at that altitude. landing gear failure crash landing Reno

Cockpit view Takeoff onboard a Airbus A330 from Guarulhos. Listen to this Sound!!!!! [HD]
Takeoff view from an Airbus A330 cockpit from Guarulhos SBGR / GRU RW27R. Great sound quality

American Airlines B767 Emergency at Manchester, UK
In February 2008 an American airlines B767 made an emergency landing at Manchester Airport, UK. The plane was just over an hour into its daily flight to Chicago when a crew member detected a hydraulics fault. The captain declared an emergency and turned back. A few tires burst when the plane touched down on runway 23R. Fire engines chased the plane down the runway. The brakes nearly set on fire because they were applied so hard. The plane was going to have to be towed off the runway, but the brakes were jammed on, so the plane was to be stuck there for a long time. The passengers ended up disembarking the plane while it was still on the runway and they were taken back to the terminal by the buses which were sent out. The airport was declared closed and stayed closed for well over 2 hours. Over those 2 hours, all inbound flights were diverted, most to Liverpool Liverpool and some to Birmingham. When the airport finally re-opened and resumed normal operations there were over 30 planes stuck on the ground waiting to take off.


Crazy helicopter landing
Crazy Helicopter landing and takeoff on bridge.

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