Incredible emergency landing

A small plane did a emergency landing with only one wheell!!

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MUST WATCH! - Perfect Cessna 210 Emergency Landing -
A 1960 Cessna 210 Centurion (N6575X) had to make an emergency landing without its main landing gear extended. The pilot did a great job landing with the nose wheel locked down. The aircraft suffered only minimal damage.

CNN Emergency Landing, Busted Nose Gear
CNN Emergency Landing, Busted Nose Gear

Plane Emergency Landings Compilation
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Pilot Performs Miracle Emergency Belly-Flop Landing
A Lockheed P-2V fire bomber air tanker has made a successful emergency landing at the Miden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada. The plane's left side landing gear will would not extend. The plane was not fighting the local fires and was arriving from out of the area. Crews on the scene tell News 4 the plane made a "successful" landing on it's belly.