Bone Stock LS1 Camaro

Axle Braker Dj Making a shake down

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Stock Ls1 Camaro 154k Miles Runs 13.6 1/4 at Kilkare
This is what to expect out of a Stock LS1 Camaro in real world conditions runs 13.6 2.4 60 foots really not going as fast as the car is capable of going but he did beat car and drivers run of 13.6 and bringing in 106mph Camaro SS drag racing at Kilkare test and tune. 1/4 Stock ls1 Camaro"

Stock 2000 Camaro Z28 LS1 Being Slow at the Drag Strip
Best pass was 13.5

stock ls1 camaro z28 with exaughst on dyno
Mostly stock ls1 Camaro besides headers and Exhaust

LS1 Camaro 1/4 mile stock
1998 Camaro Z28 6 Speed @ Sacramento Raceway 12.81 @ 109.98 11/18/2015 Mod list:Stock LS1, MTI Lid, Exhaust Cutout, Stock Original Clutch, Richmond 4.10 gears, Pro 5.0 Shifter. Free Mods. Mickey Thompson ET Street radials.