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Raidarzcafe MACH?Thank you furthest one is .... Kawasaki ZX-14 ZX-9R ZX-12R ZEPHYR1100 from Aichi Prefecture that is the place of .. drinking.. parking. Suzuki GSX1300R HAYABUSA GS1400 GSX1100R RF900 Yamaha VMAX Animation to love each other It is lovely. It is a beautiful woman dog. ライダーズカフェMACHⅢの駐車場です、 一番遠い方は、愛知県から、 ありがとう、 Kawasaki ZX-14 ZX-9R ZX-12R ZEPHYR1100 Suzuki GSX1300R HAYABUSA GS1400 GSX1100R RF900 Yamaha VMAX 愛し合っている動画、 可愛いです、 美女犬です、

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kawasaki ZRX1200R YAMAHA TMAX Racing Racer Motorcycle
The thank you which I watched blog, and gathered Though is cold; from the Takatsuki area, When it is a shop in front, it is near, In addition, please come to play Japan's first ostrich food specialty store, riders cafe MACH Ⅲ Mihara, Sakai-shi, Osaka ward north Amabe 469-6TEL & FAX072-361 ー 3171 The news of the shop holiday, The next day is a shop holiday every month on first Tuesday A loving animation, I am pretty, It is a beautiful woman dog, ブログ見て集まって来てくれました、 ありがとうございます、 寒いのに高槻方面から、 前のお店だと近いのですがね、 また遊びに来て下さいね 日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ 大阪府堺市美原区北余部469-6 TEL&FAX072-361ー3171 店休日のお知らせ、 毎月第一火曜日その翌日が店休日になります 愛し合っている動画、 可愛いです、 美女犬です、

新しいカメラだったので、縦に映したつもりが、 次回撮り直しますね、 Honda Motor of CB400FOUR (CB forehand) is chipped off in 2001 from 1997, and it is a motorcycle of production / the 400cc Ney kid type that it sold. Popular name "Yong forehand." CB400FOUR embossed a nostalgic style on the front, and front and back fender of the chromeplating finish, 4 soup stock muffler, a spoke wheel were adopted (but this followed an image of dream CB750FOUR not ex-dream CB400FOUR which was the same name). However, I had directionality of new Ney kid sports such as front and back disc brake or a liquid crystal display in a meter at the same time. I add a cooling fin to a base, and a core puts four four strokes water-cooled DOHC series cylinder engines of CB400SF on a double cradle frame of an exclusive design. Setting of low turn area serious consideration is given to be able to enjoy a feeling of powerful torque. In Exhaust system, an Exhaust pipe silencer by 1 is put on for each cylinder each and becomes structure having unique Exhaust sound. As for the body color, the three degrees of perception of Italian red candy ocean green pure black were prepared for at first, but it was changed in 1998 to the three degrees of perception of Italian red candy phoenix blue titanium metallic. Drug star / classical music 400(DS4, DSC4) "Drug star 400" who become the drug star series's first car model(DS4) I appear as a succeeding car model of XV400 in Racing Racer Motorcycle February, 1996. It is the deployment to the newly-designed frame which it largely refines and two common air-cooling V type cylinder SOHC2 valve 400cc engines in order to emphasize a feeling of pulse, and was able to mind low. I am combined with monoshock to look like (a totally state without suspension)-type rear swing arm and finish unique form. Though the shaft drive that is not equipped with a cover daringly emphasizes the atmosphere that is mechanical more, I take part. I am equal with a car model of sports type, and, the obedient handling that do not seem to be American are characteristics. As a car model to be derived in February, 1998 "drug star classic 400"(DSC4) A appearance. Of a type wide with 400 bodies to a base at the front desk equip 16 inches tire with front and back deep fender, an exclusive large-sized headlight, a saddle type seat, a foot peg of an again exclusive design, and direct the solid style that gangs are different from a normal model in. A loving animation, I am pretty, It is a beautiful woman dog, CB400FOUR(シービーよんひゃくフォア)は、本田技研工業 が1997年から2001年にかけて製造・販売していた400ccネイ ッドタイプのオートバイである。通称「ヨンフォア」 ドラッグスター/クラシック400 (DS4, DSC4) ドラッグスターシリーズ最初の車種となる「ドラッグス ター400」 (DS4) は、1996年2月にXV400ビラーゴの後継車種として登場。ビ ーゴと共通の 空冷V型2気筒SOHC2バルブ400ccエンジンを、パルス感を強調 するべく大幅にリファインし、低く構えた新設計フレー ムに搭載。リジッド(サスペンションが全く無い状態) に見えるモノショック式リアスイングアームと相まって 、独特のフォルムを作り上げている。カバーをあえて装 備しないシャフトドライブも、メカニカルな雰囲気をよ り強調するのに一役買っている。スポーツタイプの車種 と互角、とまではいかないものの、アメリカンらしから ぬ素直なハンドリングも特徴である。 愛し合っている動画、 可愛いです、 美女犬です、

Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja ZEPHYR1100 Racing Racer Motorcycle
Mr. Thai cue is a member of the back soup from Aichi. In the back soup and the Kawasaki motorcycle magazine, famous groups. First ostrich dish specialty store and Raidarzcafe MACH? in Japan 3171-..Yo 469?6 TEL&FAX072?361.. Osaka Prefecture Sakai City Mihara Ward north .... Information on shop holiday The next day on the first Tuesday every month becomes shop holiday. Animation to love each other It is lovely. It is a beautiful woman dog. タイキュウさんが愛知から裏汁のメンバー 裏汁、カワサキバイクマガジンでは、有名なグループ 日本初のダチョウ料理専門店、 ライダーズカフェMACHⅢ 大阪府堺市美原区北余部469-6 TEL&FAX072-361ー3171 店休日のお知らせ、 毎月第一火曜日その翌日が店休日になります 愛し合っている動画、 可愛いです、 美女犬です、

Kawasaki ZX-14 ZX1400
友人のワトソンさんが盆休みに涼みに来てくれました、 プレゼントありがとうございます、 久しぶりの撮影になりました、 かなりレベルアップしてます、 Kawasaki, and Zettozettoarl) manufactures by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in 2006, and is a large-scale automatic ..ZZR1400 (.. two-wheeled vehicle of the ZZR series of four strokes 1352cc (motorcycle) for the export market that sells it. The North America specification is named ZX-14. Outline It is a model that becomes the succession of ZZR1200 and ZX-12R. It was developed aiming at a car at the velocity of the world on the market as well as ZZR1100 and ZX-12R that took the strongest name. It is classified from there is ABS specification car while ZX-12R's introducing oneself highest super-sports in the 20th century and having appeared, too into mega-sports with the sea bass and the GSX1300R falcon, etc. in a Japanese market. It is classified into super-sports in the North America market. Four 1352cc water-cooled parallel cylinder engine is installed in a newly developed monocoque frame. The first restyling in the expression is done for 08 years and three Euro restrictions are clear. The power-up was done to 180ps→190ps as for a Malaysian specification that max power was reimported now and circulated to 190ps→193ps chiefly in Japan in North America and a European specification, too. Moreover, the setting has been reviewed for 08 years in the expression though it was an engine output characteristic with a slow response to open times of the accelerator of the low rotation. All with catalyst. Output 203ps when the ram air of the expression vehicle for 08 years is pressurized is a background of the development that is the highest output in the motorcycle being marketed now. Kawasaki turns on ZX-12R to recapture the seat of the velocity machine lost by the appearance of HONDA CBR1100XX super-blackbird and sea bass GSX1300R falcon in 2000. ZZR prepares ZZR1200 that changes the route to Zarah inclined to it according to restyling, and takes the system of two the top. However, the speed limiter of 300 km/h restriction is standardized worldwide than 2001, and the significance of existence of No.1 in the velocity machine category has been lost. Moreover, there was the one with loud voice to request a legitimate succession model of ZZR1100 to make an overwhelming performance united to a comfortable high-speed cruise. Haispedotsarar and ZZR1400 of combatted form that threw away the mildness of the strongest spec in the world and ZZR1200 to answer this in 2006 are put on the market. Edit feature There is a user who feels the getting on easiness in low speed and the low rotation not have power, too. It seems that engine with a difficult treatment and "Difficult machine" a little an initial type of ZX-12R also influence. The engine characteristic of the GP machine heirloom to which the engine brake doesn't hang so much makes the high rotation keep gentler in the user who uses the power band regularly.