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NFSMW Stunts and Tricks You better read all of this... This is it. It is here. The NFSMW Stunt/Trick video to end all others. Featuring some never before seen scenes and some classic all-time favorites. A juicy 3 minutes of variety and quality for your eyes to feast upon. Today is the day. I present to you today... NFSMW Stunts and Tricks. Hehe try saying that with dramatic music in the background. Epic things happen, I tell you. Alright, time to be serious. This video is filled with stunts and tricks that aren't seen often on Youtube. There was some trouble with saving this video but now all that is behind us. I will tell you that this isn't like other stunt videos on Youtube. This video does not contain the all-too-common speedbreaker-Nitrous flip, and it does not contain police wrecks or any of that. This video is straight-up stunts; stunts and tricks that are performed on PURPOSE (with the exception of one, which was a failed stunt with a satisfying result). To me, a stunt isn't an accident, it is something you plan and execute to the best of your ability. If you see anything you like or dislike, please leave a comment expressing your opinions and views. Also, please rate the video honestly. If anyone has any questions, please ask them. I will try to answer as many as I can with accuracy and honesty. I WILL NOT answer questions such as "What's the song name?" and "What program you use to edit it?" These questions are addressed in the credits. Thanks to all of my subscribers. I love you guys =) Please, above all else, enjoy. And also, if you don't want to type my ridiculously long username (I did that on purpose, long story), feel free to call me Javas or DZ Javas. Peace.

Top 10 Coolest Stunts in Need For Speed Most Wanted
My personal favourite top 10 of stunts I've performed and how good they look. Difficulty and number of attempts before success may or may not have been a factor in where each stunt placed.

NFSMW Porsche Carrera GT Stunts,Flips,Twists,Jumps
JOE THIS IS FOR YOU! I was editing this and recording it WHILE YOU WERE GONE! Joe's Channel:

Speed Zlayer - Best Moments (Need For Speed Most Wanted)
these are some of my best moments, some cool stunts roadblocks cop killing :) and a very close bust and then the music at end :