Mallala 2010 - V8 Touring Cars

Shannons Nationals - Mallala 2010 Shannons V8 Touring Cars - Race 2 Order of appearance (and indeed final result) 1. Terry Wyhoon 2. Tony Evangelou 3. Chris Smerdon 4. Michael Bartsch 5. Dean Kovacevich 6. Matthew Hansen

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V8TC Eastern Creek 2010
V8Touring Cars Eastern Creek Shannons Nationals

V8 Ride Day, Thanks Lubrimaxx and Image Racing
V8 Hot lap with Terry Wyhoon, thanks to the people of Image Racing and Lubrimaxx for inviting me out for the day.

1995 ATCC Mallala Round 8 Race 2 part [1/3]
Australian Touring Car Championship 1995 Mallala round 8 race 2 part 1

V8 race car drive mallala
My V8 race car drive 6 laps at Mallala. my first time driving a race car on tarmac and slicks. made professional race car driver/instructor nervous. cracked 200kph around sweeping corner at rear of track on my 2nd 2 last lap