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Engine sound in Freightliner Argosy C16 600 hp

Caterpillar engine in Freightliner Argosy 101. C16 CAT 600hp.


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Engine sound with loud jake brake coming down a pass in a Freightliner Argosy
Freightliner Argosy with C16 Cat and Argosy with Cummins ISX 500 going down Hexriver pass in the Western Cape. Loud jake brake on Caterpillar engine drowning the ISX' jakes that have a muffler unlike the Cat that have twin straight through stacks.

Freightliner Argosy Trucks
Freightliner Argosy trucks from South Africa.

Freightliner Argosy C-16 Cat, loud jake brake
Argosy 101 with C16 Cat 600hp, gearing down with loud jake brake.

Argosy C-16 600 Cat
Manie bangin' his Argosy 101 with C-16 Cat 600hp with a load of grapes on a shaky N7 highway pulling a tri-axle fridge and 4.1 diff ratio running for the deadline in Cape Town to offload.

Freightliner Argorsy going through the gears
going through the gears in a Freightliner Argosy roadtrain.It has a C15 550horsepower CAT engine and a 18speed roadranger

Freightliner Argosy Year 2000 CAT C12 13 Speed Complete Custom Built 10" Pipes

Going thru the gears in a CAT V8 powered 80 ton road train
Only watch this if you like big bore V8s and you've got good speakers with the volume cranked right up! Cab ride on the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia near the roadhouse. If you've ever wondered how long it takes to get up to speed @ 80 tons with 600 HP this will give you some idea. More vids to follow later.

truckin 1
this is what it is like to drive a big truck. the last part of this video is the blue ridge parkway into north carolina

Miocevich Transport Solutions
Miocevich Transport Solutions B-Triple leaving Adelaide on route to Perth W.A. hauling a B-Triple

2003 Peterbilt CAT engine
loaded up up hill

V12 cat powered pete
custom built with V12 cat twin turbo, twin exhuast brakes, brake saver, 18spd with 2spd aux,vid by toothpik

Freightliner Columbia Interior Tour Home Away From Home
Home on the road my Freightliner Columbia interior is set up like a camper, I am a professional PAID Tourist, at home on the road in this video I show you my newly made shelves that I put in as well as the luxuries of living in a big truck

Американская выставка грузовых автомобилей 2013 America Trucking Show Freightliner Trucks
Американская выставка грузовых автомобилей 2013 America Trucking Show Freightliner Trucks. Американские грузовые автомобили Freightliner предлагают новые грузовики с повышенной экономией топлива и низким уровнем выбросов. Американские новые грузовики не только лучше для окружающей среды, они еще и лучшие для бизнеса. Снижены расходы топлива это экономия ваших денег. Экологически чистые грузовые машины. Freightliner всегда с инновационными эффективными технологиями и альтернативными видами топлива. Всегда участвуют в гонках грузовиков и на выставках автомобилей. American Freightliner trucks offer new trucks with high fuel economy and low emissions. U.S. new trucks are not only better for the environment, they are also the best for business. Reduced consumption is saving your money. Environmentally friendly trucks. Freightliner always with innovative efficient technologies and alternative fuels. Always involved in racing truck and a car show.

Mack R600 shifting
Mack R600 op weg in Limburg


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