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victory vision cfr exhaust

victory vision with cfr Exhaust


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Victory Vision Custom Bike by Polaris of Portland with RPW USA Victory Vision Exhuast
Custom Victory Vision, Exhaust for Victory Vision by RPW USA, Double Vision exhuast built for the 2008-2009 Victory Vision bike. Custom work done by Polaris of Portland, OR

2010 cfr victory vision /crossroads/crosscountry/exhaust
victory vision CFR 2010 Exhaust/cross country/cross roads

NEW D&D Exhaust on Victory Vision
D&D just released their performance pipes for the Victory Vision. They are offering three different cuts: 1) Straight 2) Side Slash 3) Back Slash


Victory Vision Middle Brake Light Modification
For a 2009 Vision the wire colors are different (Black and Black/Red) but the procedure is the same. Cut or back out the wires for G and H. Ride Safe KansasGaurdsman on Vision-Riders.com came up with a modification to the rear lights on the Victory Vision, Victory turns off two of the four brake lights when the turn signals are used. By cutting two wires under the seat you can make sure all four brake lights come on every time you stop. **** Note: Some of the Vision riders are backing the pins out of the connector instead of cutting the wires. Make sure you have the windshield in the up position so you can access the fuse box if needed. http://www.vision-riders.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=3531&start=1

CFR Exhaust on Victory Vision
CFR pipes on a 2009 Vision souds phenominal

Victory Vision - Double Vision sound byte
Victory Vision - Exhaust Pipe by RPWUSA Sound byte

Victory Vision on Dyno at D&D Exhaust
This is my 2008 Victory Vision during the R&D process at D&D Performance Exhaust.

Victory Vision W/ Thrush Mufflers and resonator tips
$99 pipes.

Altered Vision
Ness Big Honkers Exhaust

The difference between Victory Custom Exhaust Pipes
Rick with Victory of Mesa, Arizona gives a run down on the difference in sound and quality between Victory Stock, X-Bow, Straight Shots and Bassani Turnout Exhaust pipes.

2015 Victory Magnum Test Ride
I spent the best part of a week, having the best time, cruising and touring around SE Queensland on a new Magnum, here's what I learned.

Victory Vision MSF ERC Box
This Victory Vision weighs over 900 pounds at the time of this video. ** The wheelbase is five and a half feet long and the overall length for the Vision is eight and three quarters feet long. That is a little longer then a Smart car. After the MSF ERC was over, I ran the box with my Vision. The instructor was kind enough to run the camera. It is nice to get the "Alright" from the instructor. Thanks San Antonio Fun Machines! **The dry weight of the 2008 Vision Tour is 849 pounds. I was full of fuel. Six gallons adds 36 pounds It carries four and a half quarts of oil so that over 6 more pounds. After market horn. 4 more pounds. The CB/Intercom is 5 more pounds. In my side bags I carry rain gear, yellow vest, owners manual, two small towels, a few tools and a hand air pump for the rear shock. All of this makes the Vision I ride tip the scales at over 900 pounds.

victory kingpin exhaust stainless
hande made 304 stainless 2 to 1

(BE SURE TO WATCH PART 2! It has lots of night footage with new Exhaust and other mods) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKFFHvdQPcE Location- Baytown and Seabrook Texas, United States. Song- Metallica, Bleeding Me.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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