Skyline R34 GT-R revs 10.000 rpm

"One of my friends was teasing Nico ( with his car that we have never seen his R34 rev up to 10.000 rpm that he claimed it could. And then 1 hour later Nico did drive out the streets and did make a video inside the car so he could see it was true... And here is the video. Look at the speedo how fast it goes.. It was actully the first time he did try 10.000 rpm in the 4 gear. 270 kph.." A post from SVT Performance forums.

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skyline gtr launch 0 - 320 kmh (orignal car sound)
dedicated to all fags who are uploading videos like this with gayass music - fuck you speedo cam of GTR nissan skyline : 1. Its a converted LHD R34 and was shot in a Philippine highway called the NLEX, their version of the Wangan in Japan and the Autobahn in Germany. 2. This was a 0 to 320kph run. If you will watch the whole video, it was actually 0 to 300kph, then he went down to 160kph, then back to 300kph. This was done on a Philippine road and not on a Dyno. 3. The car uses a Holinger sequential transmission. 6-speed. take note of the cell phone conversation towards the end :)

Jimmy's Supra (0-300)
A 0-300 and 100-200 with cold street tires. More vidz and pictures with Performance Box next time :)

650hp Skyline GTR r33 0-175 km/h Straight cut gears, Sounds like a spaceship!
This skyline is insane. Road legal. 650hp. 0-100km/h in ~3.5 seconds. Wet tires and they were cold, so this isnt even its fastest. That whine is because of the straight cut gears.