Ford f150 harley davidson magnaflow exhaust awesome noise

A little rip of my f150 with a magnaflow back box and racing cats!!

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Profusion Customs Magnaflow Ford F150 Harley Davidson Magnaflow cat-back direct fit side exit stainless steel Exhaust system, with electronic cut-out.

Supercharged Harley Davidson F-150 Burnout
Uncles harley burning out at hot rod cook out. And watch the end and see the brakes on fire! This truck has a rebuilt engine now with "manley" lightweight piston, and some other stuff. Already had a Kenne Bell Blower on it. THIS THING IS FAST trust me ik. 500hp and then 600 with the nos

02 harley f150 staging
aaron gets rid of his old tires hawaiian style.....with the help of a Supercharger

2013 Ford F150 Magnaflow Exhaust System
2013 Ford F150 5.0L resonator delete' The part numbers are as follows: 1-12288 magnaflow S.S. muffler 1-212S1014 straight tubing 2.5”x 10 1-cdc#t601-3r S.S. dual tip 1-cdc/t601-3l S.S. dual tip 1-300s1014 straight tubing 3.0”x 10