9-29-12 how is Megasquirt wired into a car

or, better explained how does sloppy mechanics Mott install a MS1 in a car? ill show you a crude wiring diagram and some of the ways i wired it into my car and hope you can get a quick handle on how it all works and how easy it is.

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6-5-13 Megasquirt1 v2.2 / Microsquirt2 v3 / MS3Gold show and tell
Showing the differences between 3 boxes I have to explain, educate, and hopefully answer and raise questions about MS products currently on the market from EFI Source that the sloppy mechanics use as an alternative stand alone instead of the factory computer for purchase info http://www.efisource.com/contact-us/ Boyertown EFI Source 320 South Franklin Street Boyertown, PA 19512 Tel: (610) 473-2089

7-18-13 quick how to tune Megasquirt fuel tables
idling and driving overview on tweaking the fuel table from one of my base tunes.

BROKEN SH!THORSE! 6.0 LS ENGINE PULL | TT Nova Update plus more L33 info
In this episode we pull our busted 6.0 LS engine out of the Sh!thorse in preparation for the Junkyard fresh L33 5.3 we took. But before we start removing parts, some more info on our L33 and why it would not turn over. The clips were left out of the previous video, so this should answer some questions for those paying attention. The L33 may be a smaller displacement engine, but their are a lot of advantages over our iron 6.0 engine. The L33 is already in the Sh!thorse and running, follow us on Instagram for the latest updates. Video of the entire process to follow on this channel. In the next video you will find out what went wrong with our budget 6.0 turbo engine, so make sure to subscribe to catch that when it drops later this week! Find us on Instagram @ SPPTVonYouTube Facebook @ SPPTV YouTube Thanks for watching! Share with your car friends! And join the SPP Army TODAY!

Megasquirt Basic Wiring & Connecting
Basic Wiring and Connecting a ExtraEFI megasquirt ECU.