636 topspeed run

completely 100% stock, showroom floor stock, indicated 188mph, probably about 160ish actual speed.

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5-26-15 fairmont 5 converter swapping
well still not making any power, trying a known good converter next, then ill try the other longblock i have and completely eliminate anything from the picture

5-24-15 Fairmont 5 Aluminator update finally
been killing myself over this thing for the last 20 days, sorry for no updates but i was basically doing a whole lot of work without result and didnt feel the need to bury myself on the youtube channel with it, we will know in a few hours if i am right or wrong with the following info

636 high speed stint
i wanted to see how fast i could go 16 mile loop, well a little over 8 min with a short turn around lol, just for fun

5-23-15 Todd Vogler 650-900+whp nitrous nova
651whp on motor and 918whp on spray WHOA