1999 Expedition pull from 50

I was going uphill...

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0-100 03 town car
2003 lincoln town car

Ford Expedition exhaust interior
1998 ford expedition cherrybomb extreme Exhaust interior sound 5.4LTR Triton V-8 with pacesetter shorty headers, K&N CAI, and of course cherrybomb extreme muffler 3" in/ 2 1/2" tailpipes with 3 1/2" polished ss tips.

Beards Hollow strikes again . 1999 Ford Expedition
I was at lunch Monday when the call came in from Fish & Wildlife . They had an Expedition up to its door handles off beards hollow . The owner of the SUV had a strap tied to the front tow hook so I tried to winch off it . As soon as I got a good pull on it the strap broke . I backed up and pulled the winch line out too late AI found out the winch line set screw was stripped out and the cable pulled off the drum . I backed up and tied the cable to the rear D ring . It took about 8 hard pulls to break the Ford loose . After getting the rig up on dry sand we discovered the transfer case cross member was ripped loose from the frame . This is what was hanging the Truck up on the rocks . The driver was hugging the rocks trying to get out of the cove when he drove into a 6 foot deep hole .

1999 Ford Expedition 5.4L V8Glasspack Interior Start and 0-75
My 1999 Ford Expedition with dual glasspack Exhaust. Interior Clip from Engine Start to take off.