Knight Rider KITT: New and Old

This is a video clip of the old and new KITT vehicles from Knight Rider, KI2T & KI3T. This video was shot at the 2009 Cavalcade of Customs in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Knight Rider Parody On Supernatural season 5 episode 8

I made this video just for my friends and fans on Youtube. Thanks to all the guys and gals that have followed my videos and progress on the cars and projects over the years. Your comments and messages have been awesome!! Your support and kind words have really helped me get Kitt to where he is today. This video features my Knight Rider Kitt, and my buddy's KARR project. So you guys asked....and here you go. I hope you like this one. I think it's a good take in the spirit of Knight Rider. Peace all...and thank you again. :-)

Knight Rider KITT Car and David Hasselhoff | Fast N' Loud
Richard's friend Jay Riecke wants a replica of the Knight Rider KITT Car for his birthday in two weeks. And he'll double the fee if Richard can somehow get David Hasselhoff to make an appearance at the party! | For more Fast N' Loud, visit Subscribe to Discovery! | Watch full episodes! Test your Fast N' Loud car smarts: Watch full episodes! Get the Fast N' Loud Mobile Apps: gn=ytdsc1 Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

KITT's apperance in a movie 2007
KITT and hasselhoff guest stars in Kickin' it old school, if you love the 80's and knight rider, go buy this DVD!