Cool Parking in Japan

some restaurant's moving parking lot

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The best parking job in the world?
A man from the city of Jinjiang in Fujian Province has become quite a sensation on Chinese social media, after pictures of his car parked in a narrow space between two walls went viral recently. The pictures were posted by a passerby, who said that this was the best parking job that he’d ever seen. Amidst all the admiration and questions as to how he had managed to squeeze the SUV into such a small space, the man, named Mr. Chen, decided that he’d give the folks online a demonstration. Here’s the video of Mr. Chen, the master of parallel parking! Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Weibo:

Inside an Automated Car Park ● HD
Ever wondered what happens to your car once swallowed by an automated car park ? Here is the answer ! Shot in Roppongi Hills - Tokyo, Japan (no I did not stay in the car, but edited the video to remove boring parts, including the one when I step in and out). Photoblog of our daily life in Tokyo : High quality pictures from Japan :

Luxury Swimming Pool - Moveable Floor Solution
Moveable Floor Swimming Pool with built in Stream Generator.

Top 10 Funniest Parking Fails COMPILATION! - [2014]
► Instagram: ► Russian Road Rage: ► Best BMW M5 Sounds: ► BMW M3 Exhausts: Top 10 Compilation about the funniest parking fails, hope you guys enjoy it. Don't forget to subscribe!!