Top Gear GTI - Ford Escort My black XR3 was on this clip in the Ford Heritage Centre. Steve Berry introduces a look at the various types of UK Ford Escort. Features RS2000 and Cosworth too. XR3 and XR3i. Mk 1 Escort too. MCPS 5965 BPI 6271 PPL 6271. This car is now off the road. I have another one which is roadworthy. Internet search Calvertfilm

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Ford Escort XR3 Review Top Gear Style (budget version)
Southend Saturday night shots followed by a brief review of the famous hot hatch car, the XR3, in this case my car YNO 910X. I was driving in circles around Hornchurch swimming baths mostly, plus a little at Bretons and the Cardrome. Music is Close (to the Edit) by Art of Noise, and Cars by Gary Numan. Facts believed to be correct at time of going to press (and as much as my research showed). Enjoy! Thanks to everyone who is on this.

1992 Old Top Gear - Ford Sierra RS Cosworth
Quentin Willson looks at buying a used 'cossie' ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE BBC.

Check out our Facebook page @ Stunning cosworth,one of our favorites doing a couple of high speed run's and drifting at a runway with on board camera's,the video also included's a look at the engine bay and interior..please like and share :)

Top Gear Escort Cosworth
old top gear clip death of the escort cosworth