Top Gear GTI - Ford Escort My black XR3 was on this clip in the Ford Heritage Centre. Steve Berry introduces a look at the various types of UK Ford Escort. Features RS2000 and Cosworth too. XR3 and XR3i. Mk 1 Escort too. MCPS 5965 BPI 6271 PPL 6271. This car is now off the road. I have another one which is roadworthy. Internet search Calvertfilm

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XR3 Ford Escort - Home Made Top Gear style
(Since Google+ made changes 2013, I cannot reply). A home made Top Gear style movie about the Ford Escort XR3. Featuring my two cars LYP (stored) & YNO (the one now running). Designed to bring back memories for those that had one (or those that didn't), with shots all around the cars. I hope you like it. At the middle to end of 1982 the 1600i and RS turbo were still to come out, so the XR3 was the top of the range Escort at that moment in time. The Escort was the UK's and the world's top selling car in 1982, and it had been voted European car of the year in 1981. XR3 variants were made from the Mk3 Escort onwards. LYP I bought in 1986 when it was 4 years old, and I just turned 25. It hasn't run since 2008 and is in long-term storage. YNO I bought in 2008 and I have done that up too. YNO won a trophy at a car show in 2011 and is running - it is roadworthy. Quite a special car. May the Ford be with you. Filmed in Romford, at the Cardrome, and Bretons Farm. Music is from The Mummy, plus tracks called The Kraken, Drive, Real Wild Child, and The Chief. I am an IAC member 14136 and have music copyright clearance licence number MCPS 5965, BPI licence 6271, PPL licence 6271 for music. The Geferators on the engine aid compression and improve fuel economy' That is all I know after asking the first owner about them. I don't know how they work, or if Fords fitted them or not. Mind you it would be easy to remove them as they just screw into the Exhaust manifold. They seem to be some sort of diaphragm contraption. I've never seen them on any other car! Update - someone who fitted these said they are aftermarket additions. They could easily be removed it needed. But they are probably the only example of them on any car still running I reckon. Internet seartch 'Calvertfilm'.

Mk5 Ford Escort XR3i soft top.
Shots of the car in 2009, and a brief (poor man's) Top Gear style presentation, just to give a bit of history. The Ford Escort car range was in production from 1968 to 2003 in the UK, and six versions covered that period. This car is a 1992 Mk5 105ps XR3i, and is the topless version with a manual hood. Engine is a 1.8 litre Zetec. It is original apart from the 16 inch Mondeo alloy wheels. Knightrider lights were fitted for filming. Filmed at Hainault, whilst the sun was setting. Music is from and is track seven from 'Cool Grooves'.

Robot Workshop Parts 3&4 - Junior and Robofighters
A test movie made for an educational robot making programme. Features the Plunderbird guys telling us how a walking robot was made called Junior/Plunderbug, and also some Middleweight robots fighting. These were made by Glenn Crossley of Area 51 in the UK but are now looked after by Laurie Calvert. MCPS 5965 BPI 6271 PPL 6271.

Estes Model Shuttle launch and glide
A successful flight of a model rocket. As it seperates after lift-off, the Orbiter section then glides to the ground. After that clip, a launch in which another Shuttle powers into the ground due to wind. Finally a Mercury Atlas launch. Music - Robert Miles - Children. MCPS 5965 BPI 6271 PPL 6271.