Dad's colorado eating up the snow, the heat is on!

well heres the first real test of how good the 4x4 is in dads 2010 colorado, 3.7 inline 5, i missed the clip of him backing out the driveway, and some other goodies that happened out on our travels, like 4x4s getting stuck and almost hitting a building, but heres a lil vid of how good it does in about a foot and a half of snow

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2015 Chevy Colorado: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Wrong Side Up
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Chevy Colorado drift
Interstate loop fun ... Who's scared of the rev limiter

troy bilt snowblower doing work
well we got slammed with about 18in of snow, so time to bring out the troy bilt to do some work!

2015 Chevy Colorado Review | Becoming a Man
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