2006 Dodge Hemi Ram 1500 QC 12.07 @ 110.38 mph 1/4 mile

Test N Tune run at Dallas Raceway Mar 6 2011 Doing some initial dial in testing on the Calvert Racing Caltracs. This is with .250" clearance to springs. 1.66 60 ft Dallas Raceway Crandall Texas

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2006 Hemi Ram Quad Cab drag racing at TMCCC Ennis 10-3-2010
Me drag racing my 2006 Dodge Hemi Ram QC at the Texas Muscle Car Club Challenge Texas Motorplex Ennis Texas 10-2-2010 King Muscle Class 12.00-12.99 ET Bracket 1/4 Mile Race weight that day: 5050 about naked with me in it. First time down the 1/4 on a bit of juice in all the gears this time.

Toyota Tundra 5.7L vs Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi
This was a 60 roll Truck Description's 2011 TOYOTA TUNDRA 4X4 Limited -All stock on 22"s 4 Door Crewmax 2006 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi -From what he told me he said it was "Stock" HTP Houston Perfomance Trucks

2014 Ram 1500 ecodiesel engine failure @ 148,000 m
This engine and all components did not get replaced. This is still on the road today. Im almost at 200,000 miles. Nothing was replaced. D&J Diesel repaired it and has a kit coming soon to ship. The Exhaust valves were touching the top of the passenger side pistons. cam gear #2 slipped. Between HPFP and cam gear. This original design holds 3 gears together with 1 long black oxide bolt. Eventually stress and heat will cause thermal expansion and contraction leading to the different metals in the cam and gears to lose tension due to the timing chain dragging against the gears, combined with a HPFP that must provide 28,000 psi of fuel pressure at 3000-4500rpm, the stresses will eventually lead to a total slippage which will slam the Exhaust valves into the pistons at different distances depending on how much the timing chain pulls the gear out of alignment. If it slips too much the exhuast valve will blow all the way through the piston causing a piston breakage causing a broken wrist pin leading to a broken connecting rod or other lower end failure. My HPFP was not damaged, did not cause this slippage or failure, and the gear attatched to the hpfp did not slip or move. I have put an excess of 2000 additional hours and 50,000 miles on my engine since D&J Diesel fixed my engine. I do understand this engine was originally designed to be placed in a cadillac cts, and ram decided to install in in a big truck years later. If this truck was not supposed to tow a trailer like so many of my critics say, and this was only designed to be a grocery getter or weekend bass boat hauler, then Ram should not say it can tow a 9000lb trailer, or install a trailer hitch. It should have been rated at 1500lbs tow capacity like a cadillac cts would have been rated for. D&J Diesel have invented many new products for my truck to fix the small problems my truck experienced and i know i will enjoy my truck for a long time worry free. This was just a small roadbump i was lucky to get out of the way and i hope i can help others prevent or fix their issues. This is really nothing compared to the countless and costly fixes all ford Powerstrokes constantly require just to keep them moving.

Dodge Ram 1500 1/4 Mile 12.5 @ 107
2009 Dodge Ram Hemi 1/4 mile 12.52 @ 107