2008 Accord V6 Top Speed 260 km/h!

2008 Honda Accord, goes 260 km/h (160 mph)! And then out of control!

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Honda Accord top speed

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Honda Accord 2.4 2008, 0 - 245km/h

2013 Accord v6 coupe auto 0-125 mph (top speed)
2013 Honda Accord coupe v6 with 6 speed automatic transmission, The 0-60 time of this video is 5.7 seconds and the 0-100 is in 13.5 seconds. The car was in sport mode using paddle shifters. This is top speed run on flat stretch of road, the car has a limiter at 125, once the car hits the limiter you still have 2 gears left, so this car is capable of much more without the speed limiter. The car has rv6p pre catayltic converter deletes with stock Exhaust and Takeda Sri.