more moonshining with Popcorn Sutton

for the rest of the story visit ____________________________________________ Bonus footage track from The Last One DVD. Enjoy! See the rest of the story in POPCORN SUTTON - A HELL OF A LIFE at .

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This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make (full movie)
The original cult classic with Popcorn Sutton. produced by Neal Hutcheson / Sucker Punch Pictures filmed and originally released in 2002 re-remastered in 2016

(Day 3) Popcorn Sutton: The Last One - 10 Years later
for the rest of the story visit ____________________________________________ Previously unreleased footage from THE LAST ONE / THIS IS THE LAST DAM RUN OF LIKKER I'LL EVER MAKE filmed June 12th, 2002 posted June 12th, 2012 More work on the third day. In the first shots you can hear Popcorn's friend John Bradley chainsawing some wood for the run. Popcorn makes a door handle out of a scrap of wood, and says one of the things he said most frequently, "I don't waste nothin'." It was true. Music clips that can be heard in the footage are from Barney Barnwell's Plum Hollow Band. That CD is excellent and Popcorn loved it. We played it all that week on the mountain. See the rest of the story in POPCORN SUTTON - A HELL OF A LIFE at

Legend JB Visits Popcorn's Grave | Moonshiners
JB visits his old moonshine partner and best friend's grave at the end of the season. JB and Popcorn Sutton brought moonshining into the mainstream with their techniques and knowledge. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: Follow Discovery on Twitter:

Guide to 'Shine: 'Shine Tasting | Moonshiners
Tim and Tickle sit down to talk about 'shine tasting and how to tell a moonshine's proof and quality. | For more Moonshiners, visit Subscribe to Discovery! | Watch full episodes! |