more moonshining with Popcorn Sutton

**see the trailer for the new Popcorn Sutton movie: (new in 2014. all never-before-released footage. 89 minutes.) ____________________________________________ Bonus footage track from The Last One DVD. Enjoy! .

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This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make - FULL MOVIE
**see trailer for new Popcorn Sutton movie: (new in 2014. all never-before-seen footage. 89 minutes) ________________________________________________________ In entirety - the original cult classic that made moonshiner Popcorn Sutton famous. Filmed and released in 2002. Remastered in 2012. (Currently being run on The Documentary Channel as "The Last Run.") produced by Neal Hutcheson with Popcorn Sutton, JB Rader, Bill Millsaps, Abigail Moore, Floyd Sutton, Cookie Woods, Gene Morefield. available on DVD as a special feature on the DVD, THE LAST ONE, from Popcorn Sutton had made a home movie of himself making moonshine in 1998, which he sold on VHS tape out of his Maggie Valley Junk shop, at the bend of the road heading out of town towards Soco Gap and Cherokee. The film had the same title as his self-penned book, "Me and My Likker," and was re-released by Sutton in 2009 as "Popcorn Sutton Making Likker a Long Time Ago." After working with Neal Hutcheson on the documentary film Mountain Talk (released in 2002), the two teamed up to produce a new film with Popcorn making moonshine. Hutcheson produced the first cut for Popcorn to sell and it was available for many years exclusively on VHS tape from the man himself. The footage was reworked into the award-winning PBS release "The Last One" (released in 2008) However, the legend of the original film, "last run," was growing even as it was becoming almost impossible to find. The film was remastered and released as a bonus feature with the 10th anniversary edition of "The Last One" in 2012. © SP Pictures, LLC. All rights reserved.

Legendary Moonshiner: Popcorn Sutton (the day before he died) by Andy Armstrong - This short film by international award-winning photographer, Andy Armstrong shows images of legendary moonshiner, Popcorn Sutton the day before his death in 2009. Armstrong was hired to capture marketing images of the moonshiner and recounts the events of that day in this film. To see more of Andy Armstrong's work, visit JUST A NOTE: Andy Armstrong was hired as a commercial photographer by Popcorn and his partners in making his Tennessee White Whiskey to create promotional images for his product. There was no interview, only small talk throughout the shoot. While Armstrong still owns the copyright to these images, Popcorn sold his likeness rights to that same group and they still manage them now.

The Last One - Popcorn Sutton 10 Years to the Day - Day 3
**see the trailer for the new Popcorn Sutton movie: (new in 2014. all never-before-released footage. 89 minutes.) ____________________________________________ ten years ago today - previously unreleased footage from THE LAST ONE / THIS IS THE LAST DAM RUN OF LIKKER I'LL EVER MAKE from June 12th, 2002 More work on the third day. Nothing essential in this new footage, but it captures the tone of the day. In the first shots you can hear Popcorn's friend John Bradley chainsawing some wood for the run. As before, a few of the comments were in The Last one but are presented here in a fuller context. Popcorn makes a door handle out of a scrap of wood, and says one of the things he said most frequently, "I don't waste nothin'." It was true. Music clips that can be heard in the footage are from Barney Barnwell's Plum Hollow Band. That CD is excellent and Popcorn loved it. We played it all that week on the mountain. More comment in the newsletters, archived at for information about the 10th Anniversary Edition of THE LAST ONE*, go to * newly remastered and remixed edition of the Emmy-winning documentary with Popcorn Sutton. DVD includes, for the first time, the original, feature-length cult-classic THIS IS THE LAST DAM RUN OF LIIKER I'LL EVER MAKE total media 2 hours 49 minutes

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