Motor Pauter 3500cc VW a AR (aircooled) - Eduardo

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JPM 1776cc 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox VW Beetle - 11.1 @ 119mph
2015 Cal Look Drag Day at Santa Pod Raceway JPM built 1776cc engine with a Hewland 6 speed sequential gearbox in the Outlaw Flat Four VW Beetle. running an 11.1 @ 119mph with a best time over the weekend of 10.9 @ 119mph. Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :)

Rod Richardson Black Chopped VW Beetle on Dyno - 2276cc
Rod getting 162.8HP on the Dyno

Fusca mais rápido do mundo:Conheça o motor
Segue um vídeo do motor funcionando Motor boxer aircooled fabricado por PFR Este é o motor prestense ao MOTOR a AR mais rápido do MUNDO Carbon Beetle de Pety Fuser, melhorou ainda mais o seu recorde pessoal 7.421 a incríveis 322km/h. World's Fastest and Quickest VW doorslammer - 7.421@322km/h(200mph)

JT Smith's alcohol/turbo bug!
Here's JT's brand new turbo, alcohol injected drag bug, put together by the boys here at Wolfgang! Some features include: flanged 86mm Crank, 94mm pistons and Pauter cylinders, Pauter rods and rockers. This engine is capable of making 600HP!