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Nissan B13 GA16DE ECCS B13 Engine, 4-1 Headers,K&N Air Intake,Pioneer DEH-8300,Vacuum & Volts Gauge



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B13 Nissan Sentra XE Ga16de 1.6 L 0-60
I wasn't really going full throttle like I should have, but its basic. 15 secs to get to 60. All stock except K&N Filter. Also has a gearbox from another sentra in it due to the other one breaking. The old Exhaust rattles, and sounds like I have a cheap test pipe installed. I will though soon enough when I get money for a full Exhaust replacement kit though it'll be high quality.

SCPH b13
SCPH b13 eb the fort.

2015 Nissan Sentra Nismo Concept - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2013 LA Auto Show
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600 WHP Turbo Nissan Sentra Spec V
Here is the video at the race track on 20 psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_AWJizpmBs Here is on low Boost 15 psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_-YU0eSFOM And the new power at 27psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SjMzMC25w

1991 Nissan Sentra GA16DE.AVI

nissan ga16de acceleration

Nissan Sentra 2014 Test Drive


Установка турбо на ВАЗ 2109 8кл
Установка турбокомплекта Stage1 на мотор ВАЗ 1600 8кл. Мы сняли этот сюжетик для того, чтобы показать, что стоковый 8кл. мотор можно превратить в турбомотор за один день. При условии, конечно, что мотор исправен и Вы подготовили/приобрели "правильный" установочный комплект со всем необходимым. Надеюсь видео будет полезным. Спасибо. Контакты для вопросов: Bliznukov@meta.ua http://vk.com/bliznukov/ http://www.drive2.ru/users/bliznukov/ Примеры установок: http://forum.2108.kiev.ua/index.php?s=63e2bf686f8d5c7013868fd98b233f06&show topic=72037#

重返戰場Nissan SUPER SENTRA 1.8
沉寂已久的NISSAN SENTRA, 即將帶著不一樣的外型、內裝與動力, 以SUPER SENTRA名號重返台灣市場。 NISSAN SUPER SENTRA外觀最大的特點, 在於車頭的倒梯形水箱護罩與LED日行燈, 並且使用大量鍍鉻材質點綴, 讓SUPER SENTRA擁有大器的外表。 內裝最大亮點在於3D體感紓壓皮椅, 以三層紓壓材質搭配強化脊椎支撐力的座椅設計, 有效減輕長途駕駛的疲勞感。 由於車身尺碼晉升至中大型房車, 車室乘坐空間就成為另一項賣點, 至於曾在TIIDA上看到的SUPER MEDIA影音系統, 當然在全新的SENTRA上也看的到。 動力單元採用1.8L代號MRA8引擎, 擁有最大馬力131匹與最大扭力17.8公斤米的實力, 搭配具有ECO模式的第四代X-TRONIC CVT無段變速, 使SUPER SENTRA 的油耗達到18.7km/L優異成果。 NISSAN SUPER SENTRA共計六種車型, 全車系已開放接單預售, 售價區間落在68.9萬至84.5萬之間, 有興趣的朋友可至NISSAN官網查詢相關預購資訊。 Nissan Super SENTRA 規格表 引擎:1.8L鋁合金直列四缸 變速箱:X-Tronic-CVT+ECO Mode 最大馬力:131匹 / 6000轉 最大扭力:17.8公斤米 / 3600轉 平均油耗:18.7km/L(A規) Nissan Super SENTRA 車身尺碼 長/寬/高(mm):4610/1760/1495 車室空間有效長度(mm):1793 Nissan Super SENTRA 行李箱尺碼 深/寬/高(mm):950/980/550 行李容量(L):510 Nissan Super SENTRA 輪圈配置 經典版:195/65 R15 傳奇~影音版:195/60 R16 旗艦版:205/50 R17 SUPER SENTRA 車型售價 經典版:新台幣64.5萬 傳奇版:新台幣67.9萬 豪華版:新台幣70.9萬 影音版:新台幣73.5萬 旗艦版:新台幣76.5萬 旗艦版可選配項目: 一、科技套件(選配價6萬元) 1.AVM 360度環景影像行車輔助系統。 2.AVM 環景倒車影像。 3.4鏡頭360度行車紀錄器。 4.具備3G與WiFi功能的Super Media。 5.行車貼心系統(配合3G功能的防盜保全服務) 6.HID頭燈。 二、天窗(選配價2萬元) 試駕介紹:Kennex 攝影剪輯:Austen 2013/10/10

GA16 DE Turbo
GA16DNE+T all DIY turbo system, work in progress

Turbocharged Nissan Sentra Review!- Another Sleeper?
My Social Stuff! Instagram/Twitter-Thatdudeinblue Like the Facebook!-https://www.facebook.com/thatdudeinblue T-Shirts!-http://thatdudeinblue.spreadshirt.com Twitch!-http://www.twitch.tv/thatdudeinblue/profile For this video, a buddy of mine named Andy handed me the keys to a rather different kind of setup you don't see around here often-a turbocharged Nissan Sentra Spec V with a 50 trim turbonetics turbo. It was quite the little sleeper, and I can say it was a really fun time. Thanks for watching as always and stay awesome! Song used-EvenS-8BitStuff

Project Nissan 200sx Ga16 turbo
Nissan 200sx se 1.6 L (Ga16 DE) turbo a 6 psig. More projects continue FRM Engineering

D16 Civic vs GA16 Sentra

2014 Nissan Sentra Review - Kelley Blue Book
Every car has an angle. In the case of the Nissan Sentra, that angle is focused squarely around affordability and practicality. In this video, KBB's Zach Vlasuk finds out if the Nissan Sentra delivers on its promise of being sensible-yet-comfortable transportation. For the latest Nissan Sentra pricing, reviews and information: http://www.kbb.com/nissan/sentra/2013-nissan-sentra/ Kelley Blue Book is your source for car reviews, road tests, new car launches, auto show videos and infotainment reviews. Subscribe to catch all the latest Kelley Blue Book video reviews. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kbb

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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