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Nissan B13 GA16DE ECCS B13 Engine, 4-1 Headers,K&N Air Intake,Pioneer DEH-8300,Vacuum & Volts Gauge



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manzano dragteam b13 ga16de vs otto stegue GMC sierra
aki un arrankon entre manzano del dRagteam en su ga16de vs otto stegue en su gmc sierra, un arrankon bracketeado en la 4ta fecha estatal de arrancones en el autodromo rancisco villa. JdM as fucK dRagteam by 614.

alfsentra's GA16DET
alfsentra's GA16DET

Nissan sentra eccs
For sale

Nissan B13
My Nissan B13 Apple Green Color =)

Dyno Sentra b13 ga16de
Sentra ga16de whit ITB,12,1 cr,cam jwt,flywheel fidanza and side pipe 117 whp 125 torque

Установка турбо на ВАЗ 2109 8кл
Установка турбокомплекта Stage1 на мотор ВАЗ 1600 8кл. Мы сняли этот сюжетик для того, чтобы показать, что стоковый 8кл. мотор можно превратить в турбомотор за один день. При условии, конечно, что мотор исправен и Вы подготовили/приобрели "правильный" установочный комплект со всем необходимым. Надеюсь видео будет полезным. Спасибо. Контакты для вопросов: Bliznukov@meta.ua http://vk.com/bliznukov/ http://www.drive2.ru/users/bliznukov/ Примеры установок: http://forum.2108.kiev.ua/index.php?s=63e2bf686f8d5c7013868fd98b233f06&show topic=72037#

Take apart the auto transmission of 06 Nissan Sentra
TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TRANSMISSION AFTER THE ACCIDENTAL NEUTRAL DROP! I JUST KNOW THAT IT STOPPED WORKING. DOES NOT ENGAGE TO ANY GEAR! The transmission was working PERFECTLY! I was having NO problems what so ever BEFORE the neutral drop. The FIRST thing that comes to my mind is that the TORQUE CONVERTER is in the dust. BUT I'm NOT sure! So I did some obvious diagnose here! I hooked up the scanner to check for codes. NONE! I even checked the trans by doing the self test. NOTHING WRONG there. So it looks like the electrical don't appear bad. No check engine lights. SO, now that I had already removed the transmission, WITH CONFIDENCE in me, that I CAN DO IT. I had taken apart the transmission. From what I see, I did NOT see any obvious damage to the gears especially the planetary or sun gears. I did NOT see any problems with the operation of the gear to the differential assembly. The differential is fine! SO all in all, the MECHANICAL parts does NOT appear to be the cause of the failure. I did not see contaminants of ANY KIND on the fluid. The fluid is clear, slightly browned. Hardly any residue on the magnet pick up. I have not yet taken apart the clutches to see them. I'm yet to check those. The mechanical part seem OK, BUT I have not gone into the hydraulic parts. I have to learn exactly how the transmission works. Perhaps the hydraulic parts don't work?? I have no idea.

600 WHP Turbo Nissan Sentra Spec V
Here is the video at the race track on 20 psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_AWJizpmBs Here is on low Boost 15 psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_-YU0eSFOM And the new power at 27psi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SjMzMC25w

95 Nissan Sentra with factory GA16DE engine in it.
My First car, this is the video we took of it when we first got it running again, unfortunately about 3 months later the engine ate a valve or two while I was driving it and ended the life of my first car. The engine died and wouldn't start with the starter so it was in 5th, I released the clutch while in third gear to get it started again and it suffered catastrophic valve failure. Valves 4 and 3 were gone and the rest were no longer sealing properly. Compression was entirely gone and I had no brakes. The car is now gone since the damage would have $2500 to fix and that was more than the car was worth.

1993 b13 nissan sentra ga16det launch
just launching my car

jspec's andrew (nissan eccs) vs. mitsu lancer
chamba lng.. haha

Short Ram vs Cold Air Intake Kits: Which to Choose? Presented by Andy's Auto Sport
http://www.andysautosport.com/cold_air_intakes.html 1 (800) 419-1152 Andy's Auto Sport presents a video about the differences between short ram air intakes and cold air intakes, with examples of each for easy reference. Air intake kits offer performance by replacing the restrictive factory air box in your vehicle with free-flowing components. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy's Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves. Source: http://www.andysautosport.com. Please feel free to rank our video, share it, or embed it!

Nissan Micra K11 with GA16 Turbo conversion - first drive.
Nissan Micra K11 with GA16DE turbo conversion. The turbo conversion was carried out by Fusion Motorsports, Surrey. This is the first video of it leaving the workshop on a smooth running base map. Its due on the Dyno a few days after this video has been published.

1997 GA16DE in a 93 sentra
I purchased a 1997 ga16de sentra engine... I own a 93 sentra... Everyone was telling me it wouldn't fit.... Well here it is... The difference in the motors are the heads the intake N the Exhaust.... I took the intake and Exhaust off of my 93 ga16de and dropped it in... The tranny from the 93 will not fit on the 97 so I was lucky to have a engine and trans. If u have any question just message me....

ryan audio setup on my eccs sentra
sound set up 12" ryan audio pioneer head unit 2 pcs 4" kenwood 2pcs pioneer oval and a v12 only

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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