True Dual Flowmaster Race Exhaust on 5.3L Chevy Suburban

2002 Chevy Suburban, True Dual race Exhaust with Eastern Race Cats, Flowmaster 10-Series Mufflers, and 4" Tips... Also has Cold Air Intake and Helix Throttle Body Spacer, Video quality sucks cuz I had to use my cellphone camera... I miss this truck :( but it had to go. I traded it for an 04 Silverado single-cab short-bed LS with the 5.3L V8 a year ago, and Ive done alot to it. Check it out on, Ive added a cold air intake and true-dual glasspacks with 4inch echotips, 20s and dropped a lil bit

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02 Suburban, True Dual Race Exhaust revs and take-off
My 2002 Suburban with True Dual Eastern Race Cats, Dual Flowmaster 10-Series single-chamber mufflers, and 4" EchoTips... Just start-up, a few revs, and a slow take off. Pretty much a 360-degree tour of the outside of my truck. I had taken more videos including normal acceleration and drive-by, and then flooring it from a dead stop and fly-by but it was too windy on the mic... will redo them asap and post as well

2002 Suburban with Flowmaster 40 Exhaust
This is my new Exhaust video. I recently sold the Tahoe in favor of something larger. I will be doing some mods to the suspension and the motor soon. The only work I have done so far is I got new amber fogs, tinted the tails and the turn signals, new water pump, new plugs and wires, and mobil1 synthetic oil with delco filter. If you wanna get a great deal on an Exhaust hit this guy up. CJ Custom and Muffler. Phone - (253) 223-3330 E-mail - Address - 2211 70th Avenue West University Place, WA 98466

Flowmasters vs Magnaflows on my 2003 Tahoe 5.3L
The First Sound is the Magnaflow Second sound is the Flowmasters

04 Tahoe 5.3L TRUE DUAL 40 Series Flowmaster
True Dual System: -2 Stock Cats -40 Series Flowmasters -2in piping -3.5in Tips