My reveal of a completed Caddy Escalade EXT V I built for a client.

Debut a new caddy Escalade EXT supercharged. its what the EXT V version should be

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Usa Motorsports "Terminator Series" Air System Escalade Ext
Roberts escalade all wheel drive . Front axles still in place with the USA Motorsports front strut unit "Patent Pending" . All bolted on, minimal welding . Front does NOT have bag on upper arm. Stainless steel lines, and a all digital CnC cut display. Call for prices! Visit or call us @ 210-525-8468

Fastest Escalade in the world.. WOW!!!
Damn 12.3 Holly SH*T

MAC Chop Top Escalade goes back to Cali
World's only Chop Top Cadillac Escalade built By Martino Auto Concepts / MAC Auto Couture. Featuring full air ride suspension, suicide doors, HRE wheels & tens of thousands of SONY watts.

750 hp Supercharged Escalade Ext vs Corvette
Ligenfelter pkg built and tune by Sinister Race Craft