'83 Mustang, 5.3L Turbo Chevy, Masterpower T70@10PSI

'83 Mustang with a 2004 LM7 5.3L Surburban pullout motor. TH400 Transmission. 3200 B&M Stall. 3.27 gears. 8.8" Stock Axle. Master Power T70@10PSI. Intercooled. Street tires. Fighting traction the entire time, unable to say in it above 4500 rpm due to wheelspin in 1st and 2nd. I have slicks for it and will have videos/timeslips once the track opens up in March 2012.

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Gary goes 10.63@134.01 MPH at Mountain Park Dragway at Test N' Tune 10-05-12

'83 Mustang 5.3L Turbo LM7 Chevy. From a Dig on Street Tires
1983 Mustang GT. turbocharged 5.3L LM7 Stock Suburban motor. Master Power T70@10PSI. TH400 Transmission. 3.27 gears in the stock 8.8". 3200 RPM Stall Converter. Intercooled. Pump Gas Tune Playing around with launching and such. No traction whatsoever. Street tires only in this video. I do have slicks for it and will have a track video when it opens back up in March. In this video when it broke loose I lifted, shifted up a gear and stabbed it again. Even at the end in 3rd, with the combo struggling to Boost and lugging it in 3rd gear...it still pulls out pretty hard. Speedometer is accurate within ~5mph at the upper end.

5.3 turbo fox body
Dougs turbo 5.3 swapped fox vs unknown blue fox Mustang with spray... this was a grudge race.. blue car gets the hit.

'83 Mustang, 5.3L Turbo 1st Track Day
Master Power T70, 10PSI, 2 step at 2700 RPM leaving off of around 1-2 Psi of Boost. 3.27 gears. TH400. Hughes 3K Stall. 15 Degrees Timing on VP Street Blaze 100 Fuel. Not wanting to get too aggressive with the timing just yet. 3360 lbs with driver. 11.02@126.87 MPH. 1.75 60' Stock 2003 5.3L LM7 Engine. 2002 Z06 Corvette Cam. Master Power T70 with .96 Ex. Ebay BOV, Intercooler and WG. LS1 intake. PRC Dual (.650 lift) Valve springs. Siemens 60lb injectors. Dual Walbro 255 LPH Pumps with 2nd one on a 2psi activated Hobbs switch. Glenn's Performance 'Sleeper' fuel tank system. Stock 8.8" Rear axle with C-Clip eliminators and stock clutch pack style posi. 275 Mickey Thompson E/T Street Radials out back with a 275 foot print.