Richard Burns Rally - Prospect Ridge '03 Impreza

RBR with softth (check it out at ), g25 wheel and pedals, sst shifter and homebrew e-brake, routed through a leo bodnar bu0836. 350mm wheel on a derek speare adapter + flappy paddles. Using about 540 degrees of lock in wingman profiler and max lock ingame. Since this video was shot, I've now finally got a new computer, an i5 3.4GHz ivy with a Radeon HD7970 OC, so now I won't have to use softTH for most titles.

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[RSRBR 2016] Fiesta WRC NGP @ Rally Poland (onboard)
RallySim - Richard Burns Rally 2016 Wheel Base : Fanatec CSW v2 + Universal Hub (540 degrees) Wheel Rim : Sparco P285 + Custom button plate Pedals : Fanatec CSP v2 Handbrake : Custom rally type (modified G27 pedal unit H-shifter : Custom H-shifter (modified G27 H-shifter RPM Gauge : Leo Bodnar's SLI-M Gear Indicator : symprojects' GI-max

DiRT3 Gymkhana (Ken block Ford fiesta)
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Simulation Cockpit With Extended Thrustmaster T500RS and TH8RS Shifter Part 1 of 2 -.mp4
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737-800 home made cockpit take off from Innsbruck
a quick start,taxi and take off from Innsbruck in a home made 737-800 cockpit