600+hp Buick Century GS 464 1/4mile drag race

600+hp 1973 Buick Century Gran Sport 464 big block [12,743sec@152km/h] 1/4mile drag race

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1973 Buick Century GS455 - vintage road test

`70 Buick GSX VS `73 Buick GS 1/4mile drag race
517hp 1970 Buick GSX 455cid [12,45sec@177km/h] VS 600+hp 1973 Buick Gran Sport Stage 1 464cid [13,46sec@174km/h] 1/4mile drag race

1973 Buick Century Regal and Luxus Commercial BETTER COLOR QUALITY
This film has previously been uploaded to Youtube. But since then, the negative has been used to restore the color. Enjoy.

600+HP '73 Buick Century Gran Sport (GS) Stage1 455c sound + walkaround
600+hp 7,6l engine Buick Century Gran Sport Stage 1 1973 GS 455cid big block sound + walkaround