Milltek & Revo Golf GTI 1.8T

My New Milltek twin exhuast.

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Golf GTI 1.8 Turbo Revo + Full Milltek on Rolling Road
AMD ESSEX Rolling Road

Golf IV GTI 1.8T 20V Turbo (0-100km/h)
This is 4 door version, not chipped 1.8T engine, 150HP. I know that this kind of start isn't the most effective but I did it for "experimental" purposes. Don't waste youtube bandwidth writing that yours is faster - nobody cares! The song: Move Your Feet by Junior Senior

Manchester United V FC Barcelona LAST 5min
Semi Final second leg at Old Trafford. LAST 5min Last 5min - our route to Moscow

Golf 1.8T G60
1.8T big turbo with compressor