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22000lb Lowry Forklift - 22,000lb Fork Truck For Sale

22,000lb Lowry Forklift-Fork Truck For Sale by http://www.Affordable-Machinery.com, Model L220A, 6' Forks, Year 2000, LP Gas Engine, Meter Reads 392 Hours, 2 Speed automatic, call us 616-200-4308 or fill out the contact form on our website. If you are looking for a Hyster S150 or S155, this might be a great fit for your needs. Video http://youtu.be/UKEHTGogG40


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How to Buy a Used Forklift
How to buy a used forklift without actually seeing it first. Ask for photos and videos of it during any Recon process and operating when completed.

forklift motor for electric car
Forklift motor for electric car spins the right direction for the first time! Learn how to build your own at: http://300mpg.org/electric-car-instructional-dvds/

Top 10 Forklift Accidents from Mitsubishi Forklift Briefing
Don’t do this! Risky forklift operations could cost you your trucks, your business and - worst of all - your life. Our collection of YouTube videos allows you to witness just how quickly things can go wrong and gives you insight into how best to avoid similar problems in the future. Mitsubishi Forklift Briefing Essential news for forklift owners and operators www.ForkliftBriefing.co.uk #10 Improvised sling lift operation ends in disaster Specialist operations require specialist equipment. Before undertaking any forklift operation, always ensure you have a risk assessment in place and, when in doubt, contact your local forklift truck dealer. #9 CCTV captures busy warehouse accident Pedestrians and forklift trucks don’t mix - as this CCTV footage from a busy warehouse shows. A risk assessment will help managers identify the best solution for avoiding accidents like this at their sites. #8 The higher reach trucks go, the further they fall When you’re working at heights like this, ensuring the stability of your truck is paramount… not just for your safety, but that of your colleagues, too. #7 Poor visibility results in warehouse crash Intersections can be especially hazardous in a busy warehouse like this. Always slow down when approaching intersections and take care of colleagues - on vehicle and foot - working in the area. #6 Forklift 101: Don’t turn with an elevated load. When picking up an elevated load, always take special precautions. Remember: the higher your load, the less stable your truck and the less safe your lift will be. And, no matter how tempting, never turn or travel with an elevated load. #5 Forklift operator crashes into racking During forklift operations, operators rely on their vision to gather 90% of the information needed to carry out a task. It’s hardly surprising that visibility issues play play a key role in more than 80% of forklift truck accidents - including ones like this. #4 Pedestrian hit by reversing lift truck Two in three forklift accident victims weren’t driving the truck at the time. For those working alongside forklifts, it’s important to always stay aware, keep your distance and never assume that a forklift driver has seen you. #3 Check that your forklift’s parking brake is on... Parking and securing a forklift when it’s not in use is a simple enough thing. While it might seem like a common-sense issue, accidents like this can and do happen. Luckily for this driver, no one got hurt. #2 Reversing a forklift? Always check where you’re going! During FLT driver training, operators are taught to check over both shoulders before they move backwards… But over time unsafe habits can develop. #1 Take care not to run out of fuel. Keeping your fuel levels up is just one small aspect of maintenance. But, as this driver found out, neglecting it could create big problems. Our growing library of forklift-related articles provides you with simple, yet practical advice that will help you to work safely, save money, stay legal, increase productivity and protect your investment. Mitsubishi Forklift Briefing Essential news for forklift owners and operators www.ForkliftBriefing.co.uk

Hyster S155 S150 Forklift Alternative 22,000lb Lowry Fork Truck For Sale
Hyster S150 Hyster S155 Forklift a Heavy Duty Alternative For Sale, http://www.Affordable-Machinery.com 616-200-4308, Lowry L220A 22000lb Fork Truck, Year 2000, LP Engine, 392 Hours on meter, 2 speed automatic. Excellent as a riggers forklift fork truck, factory use or other use. Video http://youtu.be/UKEHTGogG40

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