SnoWest Deep Powder Challenge 2013 late afternoon run up the ridge

Taking the 2013 Summit XM 800 E-Tec up a local canyon for a late ride one Thursday afternoon. Straight from the truck to the top of the ridge. Just a few inches at the bottom but there was powder up high. Find out how the Summit stacks up with the Pro RMK 800 and ProClimb M800 with the SnoWest Staff and guest test riders in the March 2013 issue, coming soon.

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Aerocharger Polaris RMK Pro 2012 vs Summit SLP Stage 3
Aerocharged RMK 2012 rips it up, includes a couple of drags with a stage 3 SLP Summit. I looked high and low for a good comparison vid before I pulled the trigger on the Aerocharger to no avail... Well here it is! I've bought "bolt-ons" my whole life (from big blocks to 2 strokes) and to date the Aerocharger is the first to do what it actually claims... No lag (only one with variable vein) just pure rippin power that never breaks up. It really is a ridiculous bolt-on. If you're gonna spend 2k on an SLP/BD kit just bite the bullet and do it right... second thought... DON'T... I like being the fastest out there!

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Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Jared Sessions - Russian Snowmobile School / movie
Запись в школу на сезон 2014!!! Join the school at 2014 season!!! ------------------------------------------------------- Для просмотра на мобильных устройствах: Watch on your mobile here: ------------------------------------------------------- Русская Снегоходная Школа впервые была организована компанией Бундокер Россия. Обучение проводили Крис Бурандт, Дэн Адамс и Джаред Сессионс. Школа проходила с 03.12.12 по 08.12.12 в Приисковом, Хакассия. Прошлогоднее видео от Бундокер Россия Часть 1: Часть 2: Съемка/монтаж: Филенков Дмитрий спасибо Брендану Ричардсу за дополнительную съемку! ------------------------------------------------------- Russian Snowmobile School was first organized by Boondockers Russia. The training was conducted by Chris Burandt, Dan Adams, Jared Sessions. School was held from 12.03.12 to 12.08.12 in Priiskoviy, Russia. Last year Boondockers Russia videos: Episode 1: Episode 2: filmed and edited by Dmitry Filenkov special thanx to Brendan Richards( for additional filming! music: The XX — Intro Awolnation — Sail Santigold — The Keepers

The Battle Begins ! Polaris vs Ski-Doo
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