Burnouts in a 600+hp 69 Dodge Charger!

Everyone loves a few burnouts now and than, especally when the are coming from a car that sounds as good as this one does. SUBSCRIBE! Social me: http://www.jondrago.com Feel free to ask me questions on twitter http://www.twitter.com/jondrago

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69 charger
Cammed up 69 charger, 600hp Follow me on twitter, www.twitter.com/jondrago

Autovlog - My BMW e30
Thanks for watching my daily vlog! Sometimes its funny, sometimes its serious, and sometimes its crazy. Everyday is differant and thats why i record it! If you like my videos hit the LIKE button, and if you really really like my videos hit that Subscribe button :) ————————————————————————— ————————— Social me: @JonDrago Or JonDrago.com to see my Photography work