1000hp DSM 2011 recap

Build and initial runs for the new car. Looking forward to some big improvements for 2012. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way, And my sponsors. Magnus Motorsports Wier's Automotive ECMtuning Shearer Fabrication National Speed ForcedFour Fuel Injector clinic

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IVLEGAL Built Frankenstein 6-bolt Block 2G Pistons
Current best time of this build on the 1/4 mile is 12.2@116mph tuned on Cali 91 pump gas with stock car weight and on street tires. If you like to get more updates of this build or to this car then please support and "Like" my page on Facebook here's the link... http://www.facebook.com/IvLegalRacin Or subscribe to my new YouTube channel and here's the link for that.. http://www.youtube.com/Ivlegal . THANKS! This video is based on my first built Frankenstein 6-bolt block with 2g pistons and cylinder head. On my 97 GSX. Enjoy!........................ It's been 5 months and the motor is getting stronger I'm now upgrading my turbo to a HOLSET HX40 with BEP Bolt on housing, FIC 1050cc Injectors and 255 Walbro fuel pump and prolly tune it with e85 fuel. I'll try to make another video of Dyno tuning and some track runs and all the upgrades. Thanks for watching and for all the likes!

1000+whp DSM Dyno | 8 Second Eagle Talon
Start your own insane build here: http://goo.gl/UYqHV7 Visit Mark's channel for more on this car: https://www.youtube.com/Leasure42R After a few issues his first time around (See him blow his Intercooler apart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhpVbLrlArc) Mark is back and making some really serious power! Heading to the Dyno? Be prepared with our checklist: http://goo.gl/eD3QFo PTE7285 Gen2 turbo FIC 2150 primary, 950 secondary injectors on e98 fuel AEM series 2 with individual wide band o2's AEM cdi2 ignition module Kiggley 12 tooth crank trigger, valvesprings, and HLA 2345a Weldon fuel pump V3 Magnus Intake Manifold and fuel rails Shearer t4 top mount Exhaust manifold Tial 44mm waste gates Tial blowoff valves Wilson throttle body ETS 6" Drag Intercooler Tilton carbon carbon twin disc clutch PPG dog box transmission DSS stage pro rear axles, 1000hp front axles and a carbon fiber driveshaft 3000 gt rearend Boostin Performance transfer case and 300m output shaft Self made tubular k-member and a-arms, Intercooler piping, 4" Exhaust, catch can, & tubular front end.

Magnus Creates a movie showcasing the high's and lows of Drag racing a 1000 hp 4cyl AWD DSM!

4g63 built in 10 mins =] 3 songs dsm filthy dragway - mike climbing up the walls - chris cornell ecstacy - atb