Sport trac exhaust

2002 Sport trac with a K&N FIPK2 intake, Flowmaster 40 series dual Exhaust, cat delete, and SCT XCAL3 tuner in a parking garage (4.0L SOHC V6)

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How to make your Exhaust Louder (Works on any Combustion Engine)
This video is a quick run through on how each and every one of you can make your car and/or truck lighter, faster, louder and better on gas from simply modifying one part of the Exhaust system. It is quick, it is easy and I have had this done for a couple years as well as done it to a couple friends cars like Lancers and Rams and nothing negative has come from this. Simply take off the Exhaust system from the nearest junction before the 'cat' and let her rip! Do not forget to like and subscribe and comment anything, negative or positive and if you are a hater, thanks for the views and the advise to make my future videos better! I love you all, stay beautiful! Instagram: officialthomaswarren

Sport Trac Exhaust
How a Sport trac should sound

showing off by being loud
very quick demo of systems b4 show at Washtenaw Community College biga48197 and sporttracon4s

Sport trac plasti dipped wheels and lights
I plasti dipped all 4 wheels and all of the lights on my 2002 explorer sport trac