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Autocom Delphi TCS - repair PCB with Opel BMW Ford MAN and other Truck connection problem
Repair 2 PCB Autocom, Delphi, TCS and other. Replacing by soldering hot air 2x SMD diodes LL4148. Autocom Delphi TCS soldering fix.

Repair broken Autocom / Delphi CDP+ replace SMD diodes // Naprawa CDP+ autocom delphi hot air
Repair Kit (2x SMD diodes, solder paste) available on // tel. +48530894984.

Volvo VIDA DiCE HQ on pcb board Teleca - inside review
Volvo VIDA DiCE full PCB dostępna na:

ZF DPA05 Tester diagnostyczny ZF Diagnostic Kit (DPA05) - Testman Pro
ZF DPA05 tester available at: or Description ZF-Testman Pro checks the ...