Nissan Bluebird V8 burnout

Holden V8 powered Nissan Bluebird qualifying at the Lardner Park Motorfest.

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Driftworks V8 AE86 Moves for the first time - DW86
In 2013 this was Phil's first ever drive of the still to be completed DW86. It has a basic start map, so doesn't idle & the throttle map is completely messed up, but we've not seen a silly smile on his face like this since the DWS15 first moved. WHAT A NOISE! This car is set to be something really special! Love it! Thanks to Dynotorque, Sky Insurance, Jenvey and Samco!

Drifting Turbo Nissan bluebird
Drifting turbo Nissan bluebird Paul Thomas Vicdrift Winter Matusri Winton Raceway

Nissan BlueBird tuning SUPER AVTO TUNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Auto Tuning

nissan blue bird burnout
trinidad best bluebird