Our latest Scalextric layout

Currently taking up two rooms in our house with plans to expand to more when more track arrives! See the track in action in our other video of the same layout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdNQMzx2h6s

More Videos...

Carrera Digital 132, 111 meter track, Video 3
Carrera Digital 132 - ultimate ring 2011 (111m track) 3/3- Front Kamera (front camera) Our track from 2011. Video 3 von 3. Construction time 6 hours. 1 round at our track

200ft of Scalextric Track!
200ft long Scalextric track - 1 hour 40 minutes of construction compressed into 2 minutes, followed by some action shots of two Audi TT cars racing.

Almost finished but track all working... Just got borders & track to finish

2010 ROAR Region 4 Mod 4wd Short Course
Your MR TQ, the Team HobbyCrap driver Felix Law got the "Love Tap" by Tim Potter, but after that, he never look back. Felix won this class with his J- Concepts equipped 4x4 slash.