Blown Alcohol Nova warm-up

Quick video of our Nova being warmed up

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Blown Nova Goes 6.39 on 10.5 tyres
Frank Mamone's blown Chevy Nova is a wicked looking beast and it's got plenty of grunt to match. Lately he's been racing the Hemi powered Nova inn the 10.5 class and with some success too. He won at Sydney Dragway recent at the APSA Pro Street Shootout.

Alcohol Injected Blown 65 Nova Start Test, Idle to 8,000 rpm 100 2472
Fire The BEAST

HARD HITTING cams!! 2 blown Nova's SURGING
Here is a compilation of a few video's and pictures I got at Car Craft Summer Nationals 2012. The blue Nova owner owns an E85 tune shop, and the motor in the orange car is his marketing tool. The blue one has about 800 horse, the orange one has 1200+. Love the way they sound! I know its Supercharger blow-off (overdriven pulley setup) that makes em lope, but a lot of people think its cam. Check out my channel & subscribe to see more awesome car videos!

"NASTY NOVA!" 14/71 BLOWN 526CI RUNS 6.99@195.17MPH~7.00@195.90MPH
Chris Redden's '70 Nova ~526ci~14/71 Littlefield Blower~Powerglide Trans~Ford 9" Rearend runs 6.99@195.17 then on his second pass runs 7.00@195.90 at RT66 Friday Nite Test n Tune 7-25-14