Guernsey Sprint 30.06.07

Some action from a very wet sprint. Vazon Coast Road. Taken on a Samsung phone.

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Guernsey 1/4 mile Sprint. July 2013 Ford Escort 1297cc Cosworth BDH.
Here is a run from the July Sprint, really hot which is good for the tyres but no good for the engines. (or the drivers) Managed a fastest run of 13.7s on cut slicks and 13.8 on road tyres.

Guernsey Sprint Sept 2012
Big Bikes & 2 Civics off the start line

Doing 140mph Along Vazon Coast Road, Guernsey
Doing 140mph in a 35mph zone and i'm not racing in the Vazon Sprint either. This is travelling along the whole length of Vazon coast road in Guernsey, Channel Islands at four times the legal speed limit.

Guernsey sprint comparison
Guernsey sprint comparison