LOBO vs SRT-4 Rojo Stage 1

Muy bonito SRT-4 esteticamente hablando pero muy lento para el gusto de los espectadores, se le puso Stage 1 para ver si mejoraba su desempeƱo y este fue el resultado.

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RIPP SRT4 Turbo kit Stage 1 Testing 400whp 17psi
RIPP is proud to announce its first turbo kit for the SRT4. Using a equal length tubular stainless steel manifold, RIPP is able to bring Boost is sooner and make more power with less Boost. The kit comes with 50iTrim turbonetics turbo, 3" down pipe 35mm external wastegate with external dump. Running at 17psi 650cc injectors, a fuel return line and a 3" Exhaust. This car produced 400whp at 17psi with power and Boost coming in much earlier than previously tested kits.

Cirrus HO Top Speed
See how the speedmeter reaches 220 KM/H and bumps there, it't computer controlled. No better proof than this to see these cars have computer controlled top speed but they can give more.

Mopar Extreme -- Auto del mes - JUNIO
Presentamos El auto correspondiente al mes de Junio, se trata de un Chrysler, Cirrus, Mod. 2005, High Output, 2.4 Litros turbo.

C6 Corvette vs Stratus R/T
R/T Stratus Toluquilla