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Ram Tough! 2000 lbs of tile doing squats!
Ram Tough! 2000 lbs of tile placed in the bed of my 2013 #Dodge Ram. Doing #squats!

2010 RAM 1500 35" 4"lift vs RAM 2013 airsuspension Off Road2 vs 35" 3" lift/ brunnen

Forza Horizon 3| 700+HP 2013 RAM RUNNER [HELLRAM]
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2013 Ram Runner || LONGEST WHEELIE EVER!?? - 1000HP WHEELIE/DRAG BUILD|| Forza 6
Today we build the best wheelie truck ever. With enough space, this truck can wheelie FOREVER! Lets not forget it has 1000HP and runs a 9 second quarter mile. BE MY FRIEND!!!! Subscribe here! ►► Gamertag ► TheGingium Snapchat ► gingacaleb Follow me on Twitter ► Follow me on Instagram ► Music ►► MAKE SOME MORE FRIENDS!!! CMTW99 ►► East Side Garage ► DUBS ► MY AWESOME GRAPHICS TEAM!!! Twitter ► YouTube ► HOW TO GET IN SUBSCRIBER SHOWCASE ► Send an email to with a picture of your car Include your username! Title the subject "Sub Showcase" Your in!