2005 mustang gt stock vs. 2003 modded 350z

20 mph roll stock automatic 05 Mustang gt vs. 2003 350z with full Exhaust and intake.

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Stock Mustang GT vs. 350z
Stock Mustang GT vs. Nissan standard 350z. Mustang Wins

2007 Mustang GT vs 350Z
Mustang has full botl ons so does 350z Z gets the hit 2 40 rolls I took him by like 5+ cars Footage is computer generated

4 Things I HATE About My 2005 Mustang GT!!!
Hey guys! In this video I do something I haven't done previously, which is discuss some things I hate about a car, in this case, my 2005 Mustang GT! Please give me some feedback in the comments, give the video a like, and be sure to hit that subscribe button!!! Social Media FOLLOW ME BELOW! Me: Instagram: @chris_nicholas_cars Facebook: www.facebook.com/sgfreak96 Flickr: chris_nicholas_cars Car Throttle: Chris Nicholas MUSIC: Krys Talk - Fly Away (Mendum Remix) https://soundcloud.com/nocopyrightsounds/krys-talk-fly-away-mendum-remix

mustang gt vs 350z
350z killed by a Mustang gt -- Sent from my Helio Ocean