Turbo Vmax Drag Bike - First Run

This is my first run on my turbo/Nitrous drag bike I'm building.

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ESPERで製作しました「もうやんカレー号」です。公道を らせるために、公認車検を取得しました。エンジンを ェーンドライブ化・インジェクション化し、ターボを 右のエアインテークの中に収め、マフラーはHONDA X4を流用しました。極力排気音を抑えた仕様です。スイ グアームはノーマルに比べ400mmロングです。タイヤ 360サイズを車のホイールを加工して装着いたしました リアサスのやわさを改善する為に純正のサスペンショ を1本追加し3本サスペンションに致しました。

First 1/4 mile pass on my Turbo VMax
This was my first 1/4 mile run at Cordova Dragway last night. I was running against an 8.5 second bike, so I looked quite a bit slower (and I was) but I ended up running a 10.319 second pass at 136.34 mph. I made another run and lowered the tire pressure to 9 lbs and it HOOKED... a little too well. I wheelied it and the bike slammed down putting a hairline crack in the oil pan. Not too much damage, but it put me out for the night. I guess I should have put the wheelie bars on... maybe next time!

Turbo Vmax at Eddyville, IA
This was my 4th run of the night. I jumped up my main jets and I was loosing about 3 tenth's and almost 10mph. Unfortunately, this was my best pass of the night. I guess I'll be changing those jets again!

Warren Racing's V Max
1990 Yamaha V Max. All stock internals with some bolt ons and damn fast. I call my V Max "The Bracket Killer" because the bike is deadly consistant on times during bracket races. As long as I cut a good light, the odds are in my favor that I will win. The bike runs within .02 of a sec every pass, and thats hand and foot shifting. No air shifters here.. John