Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG vs Chevrolet C10 500HP Drag Race

AMG CLS 63 vs Chevy C10 in a drag race

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Chevy C10 Custom 8.71 Blown Stroker 1st test
83 C10 chevy monster bbc with BDS 8.71 Blower Needs tuned. #BlownAssets never seen street or strip yet. Full frame off restore .street truck should put the 1000 to 1200 hp to the ground on pump gas .

84 Chevy Truck vs Daytona Charger - 5.3 C10 LS1
Video I found that never got uploaded of my old truck. NO, I did NOT find my truck, though I wish I had. This is just some good fun racing my buddy Taurus in his Dodge Charger. Enjoy! That truck and my current truck is in serious need of a stall converter. Its hard to go that route though when I plan to tow my Camaro across country with it. It's hard keeping my truck build a happy medium without taking it full race mode. I've got to leave that for my Camaro.... Or maybe I need to build another C10 for the purpose of speed only and then have two... When refering to how fast a vehicle is, its in the whole package. Gearing held this truck back. I'm not talking about just rear end gear either. The 1 ton trans that I used has to be taken into consideration. Not only is it larger and eats power, but it has different gearing. A stall would have made this truck overcome the trans first gear ratio. Or even a 60e and its better first gear ratio would have changed the outcome, but a 60e isn't as dependable as an 80e and wouldnt be as good for towing my Camaro. Also remember that this was a very mild build and only had a factory LS6 cam in it. If it really wanted to be fast, it would have had a real cam. Fast we will see in my Camaro build. My current truck build could benefit from a stall converter also, just like this truck. But once again, its goal isn't to be the fastest. Only to be a peppy daily that will tow and work. If I put all the fast parts on my truck, it wouldnt be able to do what I want it to. This is where its always hard to draw the line of how far/fast to take the build. Most people get caught up in the race and take the car too far. Then they aren't able to enjoy the car as a daily driver anymore, because it has too much power to be in the rain or it shifts too hard or they get tired of climgbing over the roll cage bar or they have a hard time finding high octane fuel/e85/meth, or them miss having AC, or its just a rough ride, etc. ================================= Check out my other videos like this on my channel by clicking the link below:

C10 pickup vs. Mustang 2 Duluth Street Drags 2013

Bad Trucks That Drag Race in ATL
There are some awesome Trucks that Drag Race at the Atlanta motor speedway on Friday nights. This video showcases the STP !985 Chevy truck driven by Gary Thomas and his main Competition the Red "Bad Influences Truck driven by Will Coots of Coots Racing. They have been battling for quite some time, but who is the best on Friday Nights?. Come out and witness it for yourself but tune in here to get a recap.